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I am a spiritual advisor who is here to guide you on the path to meet your ten of cups. I believe in love and the power of healing to manifest your special person. ⛔️ NO LEGAL QUESTIONS ⛔️ NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS ⛔️ NO PREGNANCY QUESTIONS I do not offer pregnancy, exact timing, medical, missing persons, names, exact locations, numbers, lost items, legal readings, or what a person looks like (I can tell you emotionally what kind of person they are). I'm not a medium. I can't communicate with the deceased. Please be specific with your questions. I do not offer exact timing predictions. Energy is fluid and can change based on free will and actions. Timing is always in divine timing. With my gifts, I don't see numbers. I believe in divine flow. Please pick one topic for your video. I don't offer general readings. please include specific questions. Please be open and honest with me with what you want guidance on. I am not here to judge. I am here to help. I don't sugarcoat. LGBTQ friendly :)


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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