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I am an intuitive tarot reader who helps her clients by using the cards as a mirror for self reflection. I use Spiritual Psychology to support and guide you in gaining more understanding and awareness of their inner self and the areas that need further growth and development. I strive to promote a re-writing of limiting core beliefs, allowing for the creation of new stories that align our path with our highest self. Tarot also supports with opening a dialogue with yourself allowing you to process past events, get closure or dig deep to uncover your true desires. Tarot is a magical tool, that when used correctly can give you clarity and direction. It allows you to explore your inner world and give you a sense of wholeness. Twin Flame Journey Specialist. Spiritual Journey Specialist. Healing Journey Specialist. Remember to ask specific questions as this helps get more relavent answers. Vague question! Vague answer! I will read the cards as they come and will not sugar coat the answer. This wont seve you in the long run. Be realisitic. If you’re coming to get clarity, please be aware the truth may not be to your liking. All outcomes will ultimately serve your highest and greatest good. Timelines jump amd change due to shifts and the free will of other people. No readings for 3rd parties! Its rude to pry! No birthdays needed as I read energy. I jusy need a name for context. No health or legal questions.


Dream analysis, Love readings, Tarot readings

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