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WELCOME to 2024! The year of the 🐉 and of new beginnings! I am so happy you are here. 😊 I always give you the honest truth in my readings. I give you 💯of what YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES and ENERGY give you. I go into deep detail for you if that is what Spirit is guiding me to do. My Focus is on: ❤️ Love❤️ 💰Career/Finance💰 🧘 Life/Spiritual Journey 🧘 I will give you a time line if spirit provides one. Everything I see is within 12 months. But if there is more concrete times i will gladly share if spirit shows it. I do not answer questions on: HEALTH PREGANCY SPELLS I will delve into other areas upon request or guidance, and I assure you that you will really love your reading afterwards. YOUR ENERGY is what allows me to read you. When you come in please be open minded, ready for all answers and have a clear direction of what you are seeking clairty on. I aim to answer every one of your questions. It is important to me to assure you that you leave with answers that you sought. Your guides led you to me, to deliver all the honest answers to your situation! This is sometimes things you NEED to hear not always what you WANT to hear. 🧙‍♂️ I would be blessed to share my gifts with you! 🧙‍♂️ I will not let you wonder or abandon you on your spiritual journey! Bright Blessings FOLLOW UP QUESTION: I will only answer 1 follow up questions. These questions are for clarity, not new questions that were not apart of your reading. Please give me a few moments after our connection to answer them, new questions = new reading. I will never let my clients wonder or be unsure. I dedicate my time with you TO YOU. I give you 100% of my energy and concentration. I share all the details and messages that spirit gives to you. I leave nothing behind. You and your messages are top priority to me! PLEASE READ: Before you leave a negative review, remember that you must not only give the time for things to develop, but you also have to believe 100% that this has happened. Manifesting negativity will always draw negativity to you. I stand behind my predictions! I believe in all my readings and that my clients do deserve the best! I am so grateful and humbled to have these gifts that allow me to help answer and guide you in your situation and allow you to find the peace your soul and energy are seeking. So, let’s see what your guides must share with you!


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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