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🛑PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING🛑 👋Hi there! I am a clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient reader who is here to offer guidance, clarity, and a renewed perspective on your situation. In my readings I do use tarot cards to confirm the premonitions I have, given to me by the Spirit, as this tool does help me to fully understand what it is that I am picking up, and allows me to use my abilities to the fullest extent, and helps me offer you, maximum detail and accuracy in your reading. 🔮My priorities in a reading would be to offer my client divine guidance, support, compassion, honesty, clarity, and insight, with maximum detail and accuracy. ⚖️I only tell the much needed TRUTH in my readings. If you are not yet fully prepared to hear the truth, whatever it may be regarding your situation, do not order from me as that is what you will be receiving. ❌ Due to Purple Oceans guidelines, I DO NOT answer questions regarding health, fertility/pregnancy, minors, finances, world issues, or legal matters. I am also NOT a medium and am not able to connect with loved ones that have passed❌ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ I am LGBTQIA+ friendly 🥰 I am accepting and welcoming to people of all races, ethnicities, genders, religions and sexualities 💞I do specialize mainly in love and relationships, meaning that if you’re having questions relating to a specific romantic connection, this is where I can offer you the most guidance! These questions might look like: Where is this relationship is going? What’s coming up in my love life? Is there someone out there for me? How can I start to move on from a past relationship? Should I move on to begin with? What do they really think about me? Is this a twin flame connection? Soulmate? Or is it a karmic relationship? Will they come back? How should I act if/when they do? Their with someone else, how will it play out? Should I continue talking to them? I can offer you detail and clarity on questions like these and more! 😇Although I do mainly specialize with matters of the heart, I am also able to offer you insight on topics relating to career path, past lives, dream analysis, and general life path. Dream analysis and past life regression readings are done without using tarot cards. ‼️Before ordering, please do include first names, date of birth including birth year, most recent time of contact with POI(this information helps me to understand timelines better), and current relationship status if you are doing a love reading. This information will allow me to connect better with the energy, and be able to fully understand the messages I am receiving as well as the cards I pull.‼️ 🎥 Video Orders: 3 *Specific* Questions Max OR 2 Topics Max Although I can do general readings, specific questions or topic based readings are preferred for video orders as your time is very valuable to me and this way I can get straight to the point and give you specific detail and guidance toward your situation. 💬 Live Chat: Please state names, date of births, and questions as soon as possible. If it’s taking me a little while to respond, bare in mind that I do have to shuffle cards and will let you know when I am doing so. I promise I am typing as fast as I can and likely have a longer message I am writing out! I like to answer questions with as much detail as I possibly can to offer you the best experience, sometimes this can take a moment to do. ⏰Energy is fluid and is constantly shifting, so although I do offer timelines if asked, on occasion my predictions don’t come to fruition in that exact timing. The Spirit realm has no clock or calendar, and with free will as well as energy fluctuation in mind, sometimes messages I receive need more time to manifest, and other times more needs to be done before the event occurs(i.e. you or someone else may have certain areas Spirit wants you to grow in before this happens, this is one example among a long list of other possibilities). Because of this I focus more on what you should be doing right now, and how you can get to where you need to be, in the fastest and best way possible. 📬If after our reading you would like more clarification, or if you had some follow up questions, I will happily answer in the message box! Your satisfaction is important to me, and as your advisor I will help you to fully understand your situation in any way I can! 💖I do highly appreciate feedback following my readings as they help me out a lot here on Purple Ocean, I read every review I receive and am truly grateful for each and every one! Although of course it is not required by any means, if possible it does mean the world to me☺️


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