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Hey, how are you? I’m a lightworker specializing in Akashic, oracle, and tarot readings to intuitively share guidance with the intention to inspire, empower, and provide clarity, relief, and support to everyone. I also integrate Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint energies in my sessions to facilitate healing and in the process make space for growth and ease.   I really like what I do so allow me to help you take advantage of your sessions. Here’s how:  - Please ensure your physical safety whenever you place a call. You wouldn’t be fully present with the reading if your physical wellbeing is compromised. Make sure you’re somewhere safe and comfortable. - Please review Purple Ocean’s Terms of Use to find out which topics you aren’t legally allowed to ask about. I’m unable to provide assistance concerning financial, medical, and legal matters. Consult a licensed financial advisor, physician, and lawyer for those concerns. - Please omit personal identifiable information when you provide context for your situation. We should all take part in safe keeping our personal data and that of our POI.   - Your current situation probably is challenging since you wouldn’t get in touch if things were running smoothly. I understand that it isn’t easy to manage our emotions but trying to be calm, relaxing your heart to guidance, and keeping an open mind about your situation would help maximize your time with me.   - I can read what people are attracting based on their current frequencies. I trust that the Universe honors our Being by giving us agency over our destinies. I am of the belief that nothing in the future is truly set in stone and that we can change the possibilities we’re attracting by changing our level of consciousness. If you’re seeking certainty over future events, of which I personally don’t believe in, then please ask the assistance of other advisors. We have many talented and caring individuals in the platform who can help you with your concerns. - Please try to focus on what, why, how, and when questions since those tend to be more empowering than yes or no questions. I ultimately want you to walk away from the session feeling like there are action steps that you can take to improve your situation and access relief. We can always change our point of attraction when we change our thought patterns and behavior. - Please try to be specific with your question. The better the question, the better the answer. I can help you craft a better question when you provide the context of your situation and you identify what it is you need. - Please let me know if you require further clarification. I try to be as quick and as comprehensive as I can with the live functions to make sure you get the most out of your time with me. I also usually stay with my clients in the comment section to provide further assistance especially when I didn’t get to finish what I was typing/ saying when the timer runs out.


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