Sam Lee

Empathic and Psychic Advisor
5.6h average response
100.0% on-time delivery

About my services

My services include very honest empathic and psychic readings regarding life mission, life path, further clarification on identity, and advice on life situations. Read before ordering: ✨ While I am a very compassionate and a supportive reader, I will not sugarcoat the information I am receiving. You will get my complete honesty and bluntness to the questions you are inquiring about. ✨ You are allowed two questions per reading, and one clarifying question after your reading. Any questions not related to your original question must be paid for as a new question. ✨ Due to tight schedule, you can only order two readings in a row - DO NOT keep ordering readings in a row as this will prevent other clients from receiving their answers to their questions. Its always best to allow time in between readings to let things unfold in which later you can ask more questions when you have more information. ✨ I do not provide information regarding specific time frames (unless spirit wants to provide that information), or anything in which I am “spying” on someone and their daily life activities.


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