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About my services

Hello, I'm Circe, and I've been on the path of magic for over 20 years. 🔥The goddess Hecate and her torch illuminate my messages to give you the best answers and advice. ☀️Help tailored to your needs: I seek the keys to your success. 💗My experience as a guide in Tantra Sri Vydia helps me see karmic ties and past lives. I can assist you in understanding your love challenges or spiritual evolution. 💎I'm also here if you need career advice to make the most of your full potential. I am: 🌙Tarot reader, using oracles, Greek runes, and pendulum as needed. 🌟Practitioner of European and Greek magic. 🌙Initiated in Tantra Sri Vydia. 🌟Gemotherapy. 🌙Reiki and healing.


Tarot readings, Love readings, Psychic readings

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