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** 60% OFF “BEING LOVE” LIVE SALE** 💝I create & maintain a catalytic, safe, reverent, stable & consistent experience. ⚡️Presence responsibly to make sure I’m the advisor for you 💜 💝This is Sacred exchange of the highest Divine integrity with advocacy, mentoring, authenticity, quality, presence, detail, kindness, honor, value, respect & specificity. 🙏🕊😇💎👑 💝Thanks for reading my bio before placing an order. Reciprocity = Life is a reflection. Be respectful. I honor you, your time ⏰ & money 💵 and you honor me, my time & my services. I am here to help you. 💝Compassionately check yourself at the door. If you are angry, inconsolable, wounded, intoxicated (emotionally or from substances), disrespectful, dishonoring, abusive &/or projecting, get clear & emotionally balanced before you are ready for support through a reading with me. Know that this is an expansive experience & requires your openness to accept the possibilities for the solutions for change to occur. 💝Transmissions = My work is specialized, unique transformative, holistic & transfiguring (alchemical). Make sure that you are aligned, prepared & ready for The Higher Guidance & positive changes. When we work together, it has sustained effect in all of your bodies: spiritually, energetically, emotionally, & physically. After I have completed your order: watch the video and read the written message (if available) multiple times. As your bodies integrate & synchronize, more information will arise in your conscious mind over time. 💝 Be clear & succinct in your communication in the “DESCRIPTION” category. Please use proper English grammar, correct your misspellings/typographical errors & do not use acronyms (for instance: ACA is short for Adult Children of Alcoholics and other Dysfunctional Families) Your specific questions are reflective of me giving specific answers. If you are placing a “24 hour standard”order or “1 hour rush” order; make sure your 2 specific questions of the same topic are typed in the question category. You want me to give straight answers, then give me straight questions. 💝I appreciate your photos & videos and can read much more detail that way.💖 💝 I am an instrument of The Divine Love Light (The Higher Guidance). I share the empowered truthful transmissions as your answer. I, then, compassionately, generously & lovingly give bonuses in your video reading (& possibly in written messaging) through that continued transmission. These are tools for you to integrate & apply. 💝 I am happy to clarify your original question, as long as, the messaging is open. I all~ways do my best to create the time between clients to be present to address you further to satisfaction. 🎉LET’S HAVE FUN! 🥳 ♥️VENUS 💦LIQUID 🔥FIRE ✨I Lovingly mentor people to LIVE THEIR LEGACY. Results oriented steeped in Resolutions & Solutions on The Path of Peace. ✨I work with the holographic patterning and trajectory within The Unified Field. ✨I co-created a number of techniques with The Divine Source Love Light to assist & re~awaken healing in people and in animals; in person and at a DISTANCE. Recapitulation of epigenetics (healing traumas from Ancestors). ✨My high frequency unseen team assists me and my integrated Higher Self to work with your Guides, Guardians, Angels, Allies & Ancestors as your Higher Self aligns in accordance. It is my greatest honor, blesSing and pleasure to serve you for your highest potentiality. The “I AM that I AM” within me will work with The “I AM that I AM” within you. 🕊This is why, after I respond to your reading, that it serves for you to watch my video and read the written messages to you, a few times, as you comprehend & integrate layers of the information over time. Grounded in ✨Meditation ✨ Communication through The Veil ✨Mayan Galactic Signature (2 diff.types) ✨ Numerology ✨Eastern & Western Astrology (strong influence) ✨Chinese Astrology ✨Oracle Cards ✨Tarot Cards ✨Pendulum/Kinesiology ✨Animal Communication (psychology) ✨Draw from an innate Deep Well of Knowledge, Experience, Study & Wisdom ✨ What I share with you is NOT FATALISTIC, as you & all others in your reading have FREE WILL (PERSONAL VOLITION).


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