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**AS OF 7/7/23 I WILL NOT BE OFFERING MEDIUMSHIP READINGS ON THIS PLATFORM** sorry for those who have returned for this service I am a Divine Messenger and have profound reading abilities. I can speak to angels, the deceased, spirit guides, animals and many more. My favorite method of reading however is with tarot. Tarot can sometimes go deeper into a message than translating the energy alone. I feel tarot is often overlooked and underutilized. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A TAROT READING PLEASE STATE THIS! Otherwise all readings will be done without use of divinatory tools MY ABOUT ME FROM MY PERSONAL SITE (so you can can better understand my intentions/purpose): Everyone is psychic. However, we each have unique abilities, and mine is being a conduit for higher consciousness. I am Tiffany Love, The Golden Phoenix, and I am here as your channel to our guides in Spirit. I’ve always been curious about the ancient mysteries of the world. I spent the majority of my life not knowing the strength of my intuition. Before stepping into my role with Spirit, I was a union construction worker and full-time college student aspiring to learn about sustainable and regenerative agriculture. My awakening was fast and came with hardships. I wasn’t prepared but quickly learned and continue to do so. I have trained many lifetimes for this one specific journey. In past lives, I have been a spiritual teacher as well as intuitive counsel. One thing is true about each life, my connection to the Divine is superb. My souls’ intention is to aid others to see their divine truths. Help guide others to the Source light within and use their system (body/mind/energy) entirely to do so. I am here to help others with their psychic development so that they may get the truth through themselves rather than seeking external help. I am very passionate about this, which drives me to do this work. During this lifetime, I have worked to understand our relationship with the energetic frequencies we interact with daily. I have training in intuitive/psychic development, deep inner healing (inner child) work, akashic records, channeling, and mediumship. My readings are set with the intention to speak to a client’s true light and most inner self. Through my direct yet compassionate readings, people can begin taking that first step to look deeper into themselves. I allow Spirit to lead me in my readings, to speak on the areas most affecting one’s life. Sometimes these things are not conscious to the client (South Node issues, body design, etc.) until identified. Spirit often has much guidance and assistance to give through some of the more challenging areas in life, and I act as a conduit between Spirit and you. This allows clients to ask deeper questions and dive deep into the self-discovery process. Finally, my services confirm things one experiences in their life. Whether a client is beginning to communicate directly with Spirit or experiencing unexplainable phenomena, my readings offer the space to grow and learn while receiving guidance. Who are my typical clients? My audience is typically those who have gone through life with misery held in their hearts. Those who come to me tend to be stuck or at a crossroads. Things simply are no longer working how they used to. Often people are going through a tower moment or maybe having one come up in their life that they may be unaware of. Many people who seek my services also come from very troubled childhoods and pasts. I help to connect them with the energy that is causing them distress so that it can be released and healed when they are ready. The clarity of my readings really helps to pinpoint pain spots they may have difficulty putting into words themselves. After a reading with me, one can expect clarity in life, a deeper connection to the great I AM within, and resources and steps on how to best move forward as advised by their team in Spirit. *All my readings are best internalized when listened to more than once. Others have also mentioned they find it very helpful to take notes and review them later as well. As an Earth Whisperer, my work is in alignment with the healing of our planet through the healing of ourselves. The waters need healing. The land needs healing. The air needs healing. We need healing. When clients tell me how helpful a reading is, the joy I receive has turned my hobby into a passion. It is truly an honor to work with those sparking their divine lights within.”


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