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I am a Spiritual Advisor who provides guidance using my intuitive gifts, divination tools, Spirit, & The Divine to help you find peace, love, and happiness… well as clarity for the journey ahead. Please be clear in the specifics of your questions…. Is this your ex? Your current partner? Crush? Is your POI cheating? I need to know your REAL question, being secretive will NOT get you accurate readings. Etc… I also ask that you be honest!!! My readings are based upon informational facts and your current energy, if your energy is off and your not being honest, your reading will be very likely be inaccurate. Your wanting clarity for your situation so please give be clear & honest concerning your POI & situation. First names only, DOB, and what your concern or question is with this person is what you need to be asking. Unclear questions will get you inaccurate answers majority of the time, please be mindful of this! Communicate with me! If your unclear after our reading please feel free to message me so I can help clarify the situation even more. ✨Readings I do most often: ✨ Love & Romance Seeking guidance from Spirit. Angel Oracle Readings General guidance. Your Life purpose Energy readings using Angel Crystals Oracles So many options I am able to provide specific to your needs. ❤️ Personal Favorite: ❤️ Looking for a message from a passed away loved one? I can help by using the “Messages From Heaven” Oracles! They literally brought me to tears! I love this deck so much! ***Please Note: I am working on my mediumship. You must tell me who the person is that your wanting to connect with. I will then kindly request your loved one to come forward and assist me with sending you a message through divination tools such as the “Messages from Heaven” Oracles.”*** ✨What you seek, is what you will find! ✨ If your looking for something to be negative about, you will find something to be negative about! If you seek to find positivity, you will find positivity. Only you can block your blessings! Only you can block your messages! Please be in a positive & calm mindset when coming to me for a reading. If your impulsive your energy will also be impulsive and can cause an inaccurate reading at times. I am also fully aware of the time count down as I can see it during our reading, please try to refrain from repeating texts such as hello, are you there…as I may still be reading your texts or I am in the middle of texting you back during a live reading, it will only slow the process down. No need to panic, all your questions will be answered. I am hear for you & to help you. No need to rush or hurry. Please refrain from asking medical & pregnancy related questions as per policy, we are unable to answer medical related questions. Thank you so much for understanding


Psychic readings, Tarot readings, Love readings

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