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I'm Katy your Psychic Sidekick who connects with your energy, spirit team and higher self to give you meaningful and accurate guidance. The clarity you receive is to help you take aligned action in your life. Being Psychic is not about telling your future. It's about uterlising my clair senses for you. I believe in allowing the message to be the message. I deeply believe in truth and honestly and will deliver what comes through from spirit with love and compassion but I can't promise they will always share what you want to hear. All guidance is for your highest good. My intention is to help you! So I can give you the best service please be as clear as possible with your questions. My guidance comes from heart and I'm here to help you with: 💛 Personal growth 💛 Gaining clarity 💛 Possible outcomes for current energies. I do not predict future events. I see what paths and potential are available based on the current energy. 💛 Honesty and Truths, I allow the message to be the message 💛 Guidance, getting unstuck and illumainting what's holding you back. 💜 Maximum 2 specific questions per video order 💜 If follow up questions are asked when I'm offline (or only have 24hr on only) please keep in mind we may live in different time zones and I will respond as soon as possible. 💜 Follow up questions - I will only clarify a maximum of two aspects that have discussed during the reading. New questions will require a new reading and focus. If you have a live reading with me and a follow up question is being sent, the same rule of maximum of 2 clarifying questions applies. Please be aware the messaging inbox is only open for a limited time and if I receive other calls there is the possibility that the message box will expire before I can respond. I will always do my best to respond, however, can't guarantee it with other calls coming in and the time limit on messages. Please be as specific as possible with your questions, so I can ensure I can tune into the energy and details of the questions as much as possible for you. I am happy to offer general guidance, however, if you know its a specific area and question you desire guidance around do ask! This is a judgement free and safe space! Otherwise spirit could focus on what they feel is important for you to hear at this time and that may not be the area of focus you were intending to look at. So if you have specific questions on your love life, career, journey the more detail and specific your question the more direct my Channelling can be around the subject matter 🙏🏻 I do not offer: ⭐ Specific dates or timelines unless they come through from spirit, however, as with all energy it shifts and events can change. ⭐ Any advice relating to financial, medical or legal matters. Please contact a licensed professional. ⭐ Predictions in connection to births, deaths, divorce, marriages, competitions etc. ⭐ Finding lost items or people ⭐ I don't use Twin Flame terminology As with all readings you have free will and I will not be held responsible for any choices you make following a reading. This is for the protection of both parties. I assume no legal liability for any damages or losses made by clients. If you happen to not be happy with my service, I'm open to any feedback so I can improve my service to you in future. If you decide to leave negative feedback I reserve the right to not perform readings for you in the future 🙏🏻


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