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About my services

NO 24HR OR RUSH VIDEO MESSAGES AT THIS TIME PLEASE! Respectfully PLEASE DO NOT ORDER! LIVE AUDIO TALK ONLY! Thank you for understanding๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพโค๏ธ โค๏ธLOVE READINGS please donโ€™t waste my time! I will not tap into ppl for games. This is a SERIOUS violation. โš ๏ธ I am a REAL psychic/medium/reiki master/global strategist/oracle Who is straight forward and very connected to the spirit realm. NOT A MIND READER! Be direct in your questions & your answers will be direct as well! I have no time for gamesโš ๏ธ Donโ€™t be vague! DONโ€™T SHOOT THE MESSAGENGER! REMEMBER YOU ASKED! YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS LIKE THE ANSWER but that is what spirit had to say! AT NO TIME am i passing judgment on any client! Straight Forward doesnโ€™t always come off nice. Your feelings might be slightly hurt. But it is NEVER my intention! I GIVE NO FALSE HOPES OR PROMISES! I WILL ONLY GIVE A DATE IF I SEE 1! If you must ask LOVE QUESTIONS I TELL YOU WHAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO ๐Ÿ‘‚! I AM A NO BS PSYCHIC! AGAIN I DONโ€™T DO GAMES AND GIMMICKS! I DO NOT do readings about peoples downfall and misfortune! I WILL NOT share any info with you that will cause physical or spiritual harm to yourself or another! I WILL ALWAYS turn your eyes back to yourself to see all your motives, feelings and deep hidden connections that come through! You may not always like what you cant from the outside see! A reading with me is sure to reconnect you to the true power of your universe! YOU!


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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