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Are pressing questions about life, love, or career keeping you up at night? Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to peace, and clarity. Hi there Im Brazilian Star Iโ€™m a well-respected psychic in Brazil who has helped over 350,000 people recieve guidance through my psychic abilities. Iโ€™m also certified in Master NLP and can help you create all you desire through the power of your mind! I use my intuitive abilities to deliver compassionately honest advice about what you wish to know with the intention of helping for your highest good. ***Things you may wish to consider before placing an order*** ๐Ÿ›‘I AM NOT GOD SO PLEASE DONT ASK FOR TIME FRAMES AND CHALLENGING QUESTIONS THAT NOT EVEN GOD PROVIDES. I ALSO REFUSE SOME READINGS DUE TO CHALENGES AND THE ENERGY OF THE PERSON ๐Ÿ›‘ When you book a reading with me I will only tell you the truth in a gentle manner. If you are not ready for honesty please wait until you are ready to hear it. I can only provide insight about one person of interest during your reading. If you are curious about more than one person in your life, you will need to place separate orders for each person. I DO NOT offer readings on the following: Medical Legal Pregnancy Financial Investments Due to the volume of readings ๐Ÿ›‘I DONT DO ANY FOLLOW UPS AS IT BEEN IMPOSSIBLE TO MANAGE THE AMOUNT OF ORDERS AND THERE IS NO WAY TO READ THEM ๐Ÿ›‘ Time is always changing. Therefore I do not offer timeframes during the reading. If you are ready to sleep better, and receive the guidance that you are seeking, place an order with me today!


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