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❤️UPDATE 1-11-2024❤️ PLEASE READ TOP TO BOTTOM BEFORE GETTING A READING FROM ME I’m a compassionate LOVE psychic. I am NOT a medium and do NOT do readings on past loved ones. I can not “turn off” being a psychic and will channel information from spirit while using tarot. I do not require the use of tools with divination/do not use them outside of this app. I use tarot on this app because it backs up the information that has been given from spirit. Please understand that tarot is a story compiled of ALL the cards together, giving an explanation card by card takes away from the 3 minute reading and destracts me from channeling through spirit. I MAY or MAY NOT explain each card individually within each reading. If you would like tarot only readings or for me to explain each card and their meaning then I am NOT the psychic for you. Please do not misinterpret my kindness. WHAT I DO NOT DO IN READINGS⬇️ ❗️ No health readings❗️ ❗️ No divorce readings❗️ ❗️ No custody readings❗️ ❗️ I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING THAT PERTAINS TO A LEGAL READING or HEALTH READING ❗️ ⬆️ This is against purple’s guidelines 🚫🚫🚫I will no longer answer clarification questions after I have submitted your reading. Nearly 100% of the time my energy and gifts are taken advantage of. The message portion is used for new questions disguised as clarifying questions and I will no longer respond. You will be ignored! 🚫🚫🚫 🛑 NO general love readings, if you do not have a person of interest, I will not help you. 🛑I do not give readings on physical attributes. 🛑 NO timelines unless I see them. Time is fluid and I do not always see a timeline. 🛑I DO NOT DO MEDIUMSHIP READINGS! (Readings from anyone that have passed away) 🛑I do NOT do dream interpretation readings! 🛑 NO readings on more than 2 POI’S per reading. 🛑 ONLY 3 questions per reading. 🛑If you submit a video you MUST submit questions in writing as well. 🛑 I will not answer any additional questions/comments that are submitted in the message portion. All questions MUST be submitted all at once. These questions will be ignored. ⏰ When ordering a 24hr. reading please expect for it to take 24 hrs. ⏰ ❤️ If you are having a hard time submitting an order because it appears that I keep logging off, please know that this is because my queue is full. When the queue is clear you will be allowed to submit a new order. Please be advised my readings are in high demand, so the queue will refill very fast. Thank you for your patience ❤️


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