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I’m a compassionate PSYCHIC (not a medium and do not do readings of past loved ones) who uses tarot to help guide others to live the life that they were destined to love. I can not “turn off” being a psychic so I will give messages while using tarot as a guideline. If you would like tarot only readings then I am NOT the psychic for you. Please do not misinterpret my kindness for weakness! I ALWAYS deliver a video reading and respond twice with clarity to questions originally included but NO additional new questions!!! ✨I specialize in love readings!✨ ✨I do NOT do pregnancy readings!✨ ✨✨✨✨✨I DO NOT DO MEDIUMSHIP READINGS! (Readings from anyone that have passed away)✨✨✨✨✨ ✨I do NOT do dream interpretation readings! ✨ ✨I do not mind clarifying information regarding the ORIGINAL questions in the reading provided-but will ONLY be answering TWO clarifying questions regarding the original questions included in the original order.✨ ✨I will NOT answer additional questions/new questions that are asked AFTER the reading in the message portion- they must be included in the original order. If your additional/new questions were not included in the original order your questions will be ignored.✨ ✨ I can see timelines if spirit allows it-sometimes timelines are not given by spirit and I will NOT give a timeline if I do NOT see it! ✨ ✨ I WILL NO LONGER BE RESPONDING TO ANY ADDITIONAL MESSAGES AFTER 2 RESPONSES. PLEASE RESPECT MY TIME, MY ENERGY AND MY SERVICES ✨


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