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✨ Welcome ❀️ Please read About me section before choosing me to have realistic expectations for the services I can offer🌸 Voice calls are for spiritual guidance only from the guides that I am in connection with. πŸ’¬ CHAT Guidelines: ✨ Please refrain from sending pre-prepared paragraphs from previous readings with other advisors. Start fresh, allowing the energy to flow authentically for a more meaningful connection. ✨ Upon initiating the chat, introduce yourself, share your name and date/place of birth. Describe your situation and present your direct specific question. ✨ Provide names and dates of birth for all involved. If communication with your POI (Person of Interest) has ceased, inform me of the last contact. πŸ• Timelines ⏳: ✨ Timelines are not emphasized, as fixating on them can influence your approach and alter outcomes. The absence of timelines empowers you to shape your destiny through self-reflection and decisive action. πŸŽ₯ 24/ Rush Video Services πŸŽ₯: 🌼 Introduce yourself, share your name, date/place of birth, and describe your situation. 🌼 A video of you enhances the connection to your energies. 🌼 During 24h and Rush readings, occasional moments of looking down or to the side may occur as I jot down your inquiry to ensure no questions are overlooked. 🌼 Timelines are fluid, and insistence on them can influence outcomes. Embracing uncertainty grants you the power to mold your future through self-reflection and wise choices. ⭐ General: πŸ’« Follow-up questions are answered to clarify the reading when time permits and the need is evident. Responses may be limited during peak periods. πŸ’« Free questions in the comments for tryouts/free readings are not entertained. πŸ’« Negative reviews indicate a lack of connection; hence, future readings may not be offered. ✨ I am on a side not to offer timelines. If I tell some timeline - it is not set in stone and subject to change. ✨ Maintaining integrity I refrain from questions related to cheating. ✨ Yes or No questions do not encourage discussion. 🚦 NB! Reminder: The future is shaped by your choices - my readings offer insight into possible, not fixed destinies.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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