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Hello! I’m Amethyst Moon - I am a clairvoyant and a medium. I was born with my gift and love helping people. My psychic abilities have brought peace to many and that’s what I am here for - it’s my life’s purpose. I do not use any tools unless requested. ✨PLEASE READ✨below before purchasing a reading: 💕 I do not judge any situation 📆 I connect to spirit using dates of birth. You must provide them for yourself and anyone you want me to connect with. 🔮 I am channeling messages from spirit - it is my duty to give you honest answers to your questions, even if it’s not what you want to hear. I will deliver messages in a kind an understanding manner, but please don’t shoot the messenger. I will not hold back. If you are not ready for the truth, then I may not be the best advisor for you ☝🏼I will answer ONE follow up or clarifying question after the reading if needed, but only if it pertains to a question that was originally asked. Please be respectful and patient as typically I am already in another reading 🚫 I will not answer new questions in the chat after our reading has ended. You will need to purchase another reading to continue 🙅🏻‍♀️ I reserve the right to refuse readings to people who have left negative reviews when I was simply proving messages the way spirit wanted me to deliver them and those who generally make me uncomfortable. 🙏🏼Please be kind even if the messages aren’t what you what you want to hear. 🫶🏻 will not comment on any other readings or predictions that you have been provided. There are various reading styles, and I want to be respectful of other people’s work. 📝 Please DO NOT play test the psychic. It’s extremely disrespectful and will not be tolerated. I DO NOT answer questions pertaining to: ❌ Witchcraft, evil or magic ❌ Legal ❌ Pregnancy ❌ Health ❌ Third party (e.g. who is my husband sleeping with?) ❌ What type of job your need to choose


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