Leah Raven-Heart

Psychic, Medium, Shamanic Healer
5.6h average response
99.6% on-time delivery

About my services

“ I am a psychic reader, medium and channeller with a strong Shamanic back ground and have been recieving messeges from spirit since childhood. I do all kinds of questions, including: - Love - Finance - Contacting loved ones on the other side. - Angels - Spirit guides - Past lives - Information on spiritual ailments - Direction and help on your healing journey For the 3 min readings I can answer up to 2 questions within the time frame given. My work is accurate, deep and healing, it is birthed from a deep love for bringing people the direct revelation and answeres they seek in life. I find that often during a reading the spirits can’t help but drop in extra little wisdoms that are custom to your needs at this time in your life and often have positive effects in peoples lives. ATTENTION: Information comes through me direct from the spirits I dont use tarot or any other devination tools - IF YOU FEEL TRIGGERED BY YOUR READING PLEASE USE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR OWN GROWTH, DO NOT BE RUDE, NASTY OR AGRESSIVE YOU WILL ONLY ADD TO YOUR OWN KARMA BY DOING SO. …. Take a moment, breathe and look back at your question and you will probably realize that you got the answer to the question you asked even if it may not have come the way you thought it would. My readings come with deep insight and advice from the spirits on how we can live a lighter, more bliss-full life, full of love for every soul on their journey into their absolute TRUTH as we move together into this new age. This is a judgement free and safe space for all kinds of human beings no matter what. This is a respectful and loving space space that I provide for your own healing and I expect the same in return. May you all be blessed in your lives and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. With love L


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Psychic readings

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