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availablity schedule : 6-11 pm Indian time 🌹 Love is the highest frequency 🌹 7 + years of experience Love and Life advice readings LGBTQIA relationships 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🌹Love is Love🌹 🌹Judgement Free Zone🌹 ( read ground rules and ethics before booking please) Offerings : 💖thoughts, intentions , feelings, gifts and personality of POI 💖seeing angel numbers 222,777 💖Soulmate Relationships 💖past life readings 💖soul contracts, karmic Lessons 💖detach cords from a toxic relationship 💖rebuild a new life and attract healthy love relationships guidance 💖shadow work to attract & receive love, address anger, resentment and jealousy. 💖wait or move on 💖can I trust them ? trust issues ? 💖significance of a dream symbol in your life. 💖 significance of special omens like seeing crows, colors, white feathers, mice, catching dead ants, flies around your office/ home. 💖 spirit animal / sacred animal sig oonificance 💖 gender sexuality concerns ( non judgemental empowering guidance) 💖What are my gifts, life path & soul purpose ? (Numerology based) 💖face energy reading to see gifts, personality & blockages 💖making a decision. 💖messages from spirit / oracle guidance 💖Yes/ No questions 💖relationship dynamics 💖emotional support sessions to heal from a traumatic event / break up / divorce / cheating ( no legal outcomes in case of divorce cases please. it's against purple ocean rules, i only provide you tools & guidance to feel better. 💖infidelity / cheating / third party 💖ghosting / no contact situations 💖commitment phobia 💖career, life purpose, spiritual growth 💖friends and family dynamics 💖travel, business plans but no financial or legal matters advice please 📑GROUND RULES Before we begin : one question / topic/ dream /one POI per order first names & pronouns DOBs of parties involved ( may 13, 1991) Last contact ; current status 🚫No timeframes when? questions please. no initials, names of future loves. kindly read bio & platform rules before booking. ❌No questions about parted loved ones, custody of kids, lost people pregnancy, fertility or gender of future baby questions, legal, financial investments, spell work, evil eye, hexx, lottery, negative entity , medical condition like depression, psychic attack/ black magic questions as per Platform & community management rules. I will have to refuse a reading and you can reclaim refund by contacting support team if order is placed already, anything medically related, whether it be physical health, mental health, pregnancy, cause of death/death predictions, etc. reiki sessions & INTUITIVE guidance ☘️ face energy readings are hot favourite. Set up a video call reading of you to tap into how current energy interacts with the environment, blockages and solutions. ☘️ 20 minutes intuitive life coaching for shadow work, addressing blocks & monthly accountability checks to keep you aligned with your goals🧿✨ ☘️ 20 minutes tarot mentoring call to transform you into a confident tarot practitioner. ☘️I also provide interpretation of angel numbers 333, 2424, 777 universe is telling you something important through these numbers, signs and symbols. I will decode for you using traditional numerology. Maximum two Angel Numbers per order please. 🙏 ☘️I can decode meaning of dreams and omens happening in your life ONLY ON Live Voice calls. (3 minutes is too short to explain a dream) Kindly tell me the dream description in terms of symbols, color, people, places, weather, events, animals, objects you saw. i will note it down on paper. disconnect the call.. give me 2-3 minutes to meditate & connect with your dream. call me back & i will assist on voice call. In-depth dream analysis requires time. ✨🍀🙏 In my readings, I use symbols on tarot + personalized numerology + face energy to illuminate patterns & connect you with your divine path. My style is truthful, clear, concise, non judgemental and compassionate. I know life can be hard sometimes and you could be feeling very lost, ping me if my profile resonates. Your highest good is the intention set before shuffling cards. 🍀you can schedule 20 mins minutes Reiki meditating sessions customized to boost confidence, mindfulness and ground your energy. rush hour slots availablity : ✨weekdays 7 pm to 11:00 pm Indian standard time ( IST) ✨weekends 8 am to 11:55 am IST 6 pm to 11:00 pm IST what i need from you ? ✔️Your name & birthday ✔️POI's name & birthday ✔️ your pronouns ( 🏳️‍🌈💞) ✔️ relationship status ( eg. last contact when, talking stage, no contact , office romance, affair). Interpretation of cards will change as per situation. hiding necessary details will not help in receiving clear guidance. ✔️clear & concise question with a little context. ✔️Positive Reviews if Readings resonates 🌹Timeframes not provided. energy is fluid. No time frame question please. when ? 🙏 🍀Energies can change over time. If you ask about same connection again without letting the energies settle and shift, the outcome can be distorted because of obsessive energy. please allow energies to settle if you want to pick up on same dynamic again. 🌹 No test Readings / distorted information. you are paying a premium price for a service. kindly choose the advisor you can trust and be open hearted to messages. 🌹3 min video will cover 2-3 important dream symbols that you specify in your order. for longer in depth page long dreams, I'm available on purple garden chat, voice calls. 🍀 as per Platform policy, clarifications in the message box are PERKS not a guarantee. I try my best to communicate with all via message box to clear doubts but on high traffic days/ trending / SALE days & time zone difference , I cannot guarantee this. FIND me on purple garden app when I'm live for live calls if you have more doubts & need something more indepth that 3 minutes can't justify.We will start from where we left. ☘️ kindly order ONE question / Person of interest / topic in 24 hour / Max 2 dream symbols in rush hour delivery orders. I will do the first question in case you order multiple questions. we get 3 minutes, let's make them worth your buck by being clear & specific. 🍀 kindly don't add/ disguise new questions as follow up clarifications in chat box. one question per video order please 🙏 kindly order a follow up please ☘️ order a new reading for 2nd , 3rd Person of interest or more details in case of readings. kindly don't confuse energy since it's 3 min reading. I read on one connection at a time. after, checking on one connection, we can move to next. ☘️ one ~2 questions max in 5 minutes chat. please don't bombard me with 4-5 questions without letting me shuffle and finishing one question at a time. Abuse of clarifications chat box to ask more questions will be reported to support. 🍀Kindly mention if you want to see me shuffle on camera in your order. I would gladly do so. I do my best to use 3 minutes. ☘️ DREAM Analysis is available only on live voice calls.. explain me your dream give me time to connect and decode symbolism. 🙏 🍀It's a judgement free zone so please don't hide the details like relationship status / job status/ marital status/ blocked or in communication. you are paying a premium rate, let's get to heart of the matter. 🍀Be kind & patient. 🍀 No medical issues, house clearings, psychic attacks can be discussed in reiki sessions. reiki sessions are used to boost creativity, confidence and aid mindfulness. 🍀 Don't shoot the messenger. I don't go against what cards portray especially in case of straight yes/no questions. upright: strong yes , reversed: strong no. I take it as answer from divine. please book questions only when you are mentally ready to receive the answer. ☘️ Kindly book another reading if you multiple topics / POIs on your mind. ☘️ If readings don't resonate, kindly connect with another advisors who sync on this wonderful platform. I strongly believe in serendipity and finding the best sync for ourselves. I will not be a doormat or punching bag . we are collaborators working for your highest good. if you can't trust, surrender and allow the messages, please scroll past my profile. my gifts tend to shut down in a combative environment. i will not read for abusive clients or Clients who left negative reviews ☘️No health, pregnancy, legal questions etc.I don't connect with lost people or people who have transitioned. kindly do not leave emails, phone numbers to contact you. it's against policy of platform. i would have to report this to support team to retain my profile. 🍀I can show you pros and cons but readiness to take inspired action is entirely subjective and free will driven. 🌹✨ Love and blessings, Shivani


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