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🌑 You've got to know when to slow your row and the difference between Will and Spirit. ✋🏻PLEASE READ ✋🏻Anyone CHATTING in please follow my guidelines. Ask one question at a time. No rapid fire questions. Please give me a moment to respond. I am reading and typing. Thank you for understanding this. I will not answer new questions after your time is up. I will only complete what we were already working on. Again if you see me typing read before reacting. This will allow for a smooth chat session.🦇 Clear and concise! Love 🩶 navigating challenging situations 🩶 what comes next 🩶 will he or she come back 🩶 how to live your best life! I care 🩶Ask me and we will dive in to uncover many answers. 🩶 I see blind spots. 🧹save time, save energy, be wise 🧹🧹 🗝️ 3 minute quick readings are for 1 question about 1 topic. Please limit for a clear reading. 🗝️ I do not connect to your energy. I read energy currents. I am a seer. The more conversational you are the more your reading will flow! My readings are fluid not linear BUT I can read timelines **** We can discuss energetic centers and how they relate to your life, blocks and situations. We can also talk about manifestation!***** Please be ready to hear your answer. I do not sugar coat but I do care. ****** do not get mad at the messenger! 🗝️ I DO NOT CANNOT WILL NOT READ : MEDICAL, LEGAL, UNDER 18, LOTTERY OR GAMBLING TYPES OF QUESTIONS. Please read the Purple Ocean guidelines so we do not have to go over this during your reading. I am not attorney, councelor, doctor ect. 🗝️ In terms of relationship questions, if you are talking about a romantic person I am assuming this can include physical as well. Please do NOT share your sex life details with me. It is not necessary. I do not address any issues of this nature related to sex life, preference ect. I will read the current of your relationship issues only. 🕯️shalom 🕯️ shanti 🕯️peace 🕯️ paz 🕯️paix 🕯️pax 🕯️ chere 🕯️ siochain 🕯️ sith 🕯️ _____________________________🦓 in other words🦓 I l💟ve hearing how your situation is progressing! I respect your time. If your time ends before I finish what we were currently talking about I will write the rest in your session, within reason. 💟 🕷️a little note. my favorite readings to do are energy readings :) 👉🏻 I use tarot, lenormand, mystical kipper and oracles cards to uncover mysteries. I have worked in a psychic faire with back to back readings for hours as well as on the Purple Ocean platform. 💜I have practitioner certificates in Ayurveda, Reiki, Tarot, Aromatherapy and Kabbalah. I continue to update skills to bring as much as I can to your session. 🔮 Lastly, be well and please receive healing, health care and professional help when needed.


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