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🍁🍂🍁🍂 NEW Cards!! 🌞 Remember to pause when asking your questions. We are having a conversation but it is in a different realm. If you want to have a good reading allow some space to be there for spirit to speak☀️🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 🌝Summer Readings! Sizzling Sale!! Get them while it lasts! 🤞 🌚 Witch Oracle. Amazing! Only ask once, twice for good measure! But three times is tricky. 🤞🏻 🫏🫏 Newcomers please read guidelines below!! 🫏 🫶🏻Please have a basic level of respect and are able to follow the rules for my work space. THANK YOU kindly. 👉🏻 Remember, I read the current and you are responsible for who? That's right! You! 👈🏻 🕯️3 minute readings are for 1 QUESTION only!!! Please limit your question to the most important. During the 3 minute video I do talk through the whole time, it is not conversational. Be prepared! 🕯️Please be advised I do not sugar coat but I do care. If a love relationship is not in your favor the reading will show that. Relationship strategies.🪬Spiritual guidance.🪬Clear and concise! Love 🪬Success according to Kabbalah, Tarot, Higher Laws and Psychic connection. 🪬 No bells or whistles. Traditional readings. 🧹How to live your best life according to spiritual principles. 🧹How to turn situations around according to spiritual truths. 🧹How to gain more awareness and to build stronger relationships. How he or she sees you. 🧹 Strategize for your success🧹Love connections and generating deeper sense of love in all that you do! 🫶🏻If you already know what the psychic is telling you! Good :) we are connecting.🫶🏻 .......................Do's and Do Not's ........... 🗝️ I do not connect to your energy. I read energy currents. I do read timelines. I do not respond to demands. If you are coming to me for a first-time reading, I will explain how I read so that you can understand how the flow will go. I do ask Sun Signs to see who is showing up in your reading. I am not reading according to astrological charts, and I do not promote any religion. 🗝️ I DO NOT CAN NOT WILL NOT READ : MEDICAL, LEGAL, UNDER 18, LOTTERY OR GAMBLING TYPES OF QUESTIONS. Do NOT ask me if someone has filed for a divorce or any sort of lawsuit. Please read the Purple Ocean guidelines so we do not have to go over this during your reading. I am not an attorney, counselor, doctor, etc. 🗝️ In terms of relationship questions, if you are talking about a romantic person, I am assuming this can include physical as well. Please do NOT share your sex life details with me. It is not necessary. I do not address any issues of this nature related to sex life, preference, etc. I will read the current of your relationship issues only. 🔞If you leave a bad review, though we had fun, our time is done ♥️ ⚠️ All lude comments, behaviors and gestures will be reported to the police. No harrassment will be tolerated here. 🚨 🕯️shalom 🕯️ shanti 🕯️peace 🕯️ paz 🕯️paix 🕯️pax 🕯️ chere 🕯️ siochain 🕯️ sith 🕯️


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