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About my services

Hello, I’m Libra Starseed. As a gifted psychic medium and telepath, I provide highly detailed and accurate readings to bring you the insights and guidance you seek. With abilities including clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairgustance, I am able to tune into the messages Spirit has for you.  While I primarily channel information directly, I occasionally enlist the wisdom of the tarot cards when guided.  I can help you with: • Love & Relationships 💕 • Career Path Clarity 💼  • Spiritual Awakening & Divine Guidance 🙏 • Telepathic Insights into a Person of Interest 🔮 • Mediumship (Live Readings Only) 👼 About the readings I offer and tools I use: In my readings, you can expect to receive clear, accurate and detailed channeled guidance, delivered with love, respect and compassion. I aim to provide you with the truth, even if it may sometimes be difficult to hear. My goal is to offer you clarity, healing energy, and self-empowerment. 98% of the time, I work without tools, directly channeling the wisdom Spirit shares with me. On occasion, I may use the tarot for additional insights when guided. Please read this before you reach out: • To get the most out of your reading, I kindly ask that you take a couple deep breaths as you form your question.  • Be sure to ask clear, specific questions. Enter the reading with an open mind, ready to receive the messages Spirit has for you.  • Let go of any attachment to a particular outcome, as this can block the guidance trying to come through.  • Know that I will not sugarcoat information or tell you only what you wish to hear - I will always convey the truth that Spirit reveals, with love and compassion.  The kinds of readings I don't offer: Please note that there are certain topics I do not read on, including pregnancy, death, legal matters, and health concerns. I also do not answer "trick questions" or repeat the same inquiry multiple times, as Spirit's message will remain consistent.


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