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❤️🤍💙Happy July!! ❤️🤍💙 May you sparkle like a firework! 🎆🎇 ‼️SALE NIGHT INFO: I strive to answer all clarification questions in the comments and normally go above and beyond there. However, on sale nights this can be very difficult to do. Please know that I do my best to get to you, but it may take me longer than normal. Sometimes it might even be when the sale ends before I can respond. This is due to high demand and impossible for me to control. Please understand this when ordering! PLEASE LIMIT QUESTIONS TO 3 PER ORDER WHEN ORDERING A STANDARD OR RUSH ORDER. It’s hard to fit more than that into 3 minutes and it causes stress which degrades the reading quality. You have landed upon a safe space and a judgment free zone! I am here to deliver messages from spirit, your angels, guides and many times passed on loved ones and//or pets. All the above delivered and channeled through divination methods such as but not limited to: The Clairs, tarot cards, oracle cards, energy reading, intuition, messages and guidance from the other side. I incorporate my life coaching skills to deliver the insight you need most right now to help you along the path to your highest good! It is my goal to offer you comfort, truth, guidance, insight and many times amazing synchronicities that uplift your spirit and let you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re never alone in this magical universe!🙏🏻 I am also a very in tune energy healer and can offer insight into balancing energy centers and find ways to remove any blockages for a greater ease in life. All reading types welcome! Be it love ❤️….. career 💵……passed on loved one connections 🕊️…….twin flame…… mediumship…..dream interpretations……or even just a bit of compassion and comfort if that is your need. I’m here for you! Important: ⏰TIMELINES: timelines are not guaranteed to come through and can change like weather. One moment the conditions are right for rain and then the rain doesn’t end up coming. I will do best to bring forth any info on timeline that tries to come through but can’t guarantee it will. Please limit followup questions to only things needing clarification from the reading. No new questions please. 🚨If you leave a negative review, I will no longer be able to do readings for you as this alters the energy between us. I am a night owl! 🌙🦉I typically don’t respond between the hours of 3 am - 3:30 PM EST. You can find me here typically evenings and late nights. 😉 You may click the bell above my name to be notified when I come online if you wish! Thank you for trusting me to be your channel. Sending you love and light. 🥰


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