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Come to me when all else fails. Come to me only after you try everything else because one must be ready to hear the truth and it only happens when illusions are shattered ‼️PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME.‼️ My guidance is for those who have already been initiated into the spiritual path, I do not give future predictions as there are multiple probabilities for each outcome. I will also not do readings about who thinks what about whom, what is going on in someone else’s lives because that actually creates more stagnation and disempowerment and isn’t of integrity and power. I am an alchemist rather than what is perceived to be a psychic. My guidance is very different and is only for those who are ready to face every unaware bit of disempowerment, blaming of others, expecting others to give them happiness etc. . Please only contact me if you are ready for truth of an actual energy flow in the situation, I guide to understanding and empowerment. I’ve had people react very negatively when I do not tell them what they want to hear and leave reviews based on unsatisfied expectations. I do not have the power to promise that the loved one will return, that everything will be ok without doing actual work on self advancement. I am an alchemist. I help to "create" reality rather than predict it, which is a very outdated way of thinking ✔️I perceive energies in their pure form and am able to bring clarity about the root causes of the situation. Time does not exist in the subtle realms so predicting timelines makes no sense ✔️I DO NOT PREDICT FUTURE as there are many probable outcomes available for any situation, this is now proven by quantum science. ✔️ I provide actual solutions for growth and empowerment ✔️I do not locate missing people, pets or objects, im sorry I have no such capacity. ✔️Twin flame connection is something I can help you with, but please keep in mind I do not breed or support "attachment" by creating lingering and more waiting. Coming into union is nothing what most think it is✔️I do not communicate with deceased people, I can only read the lingering vibration left by their spirit which is highly confusing ✔️ Only come to me when ready to step into your power and sovereignty. About LOVE: Most people are experiencing attachment and are calling it love. Attachment is an addiction and recovery from an addiction is a process that only an addict is responsible for. The more one thinks about someone who clearly isn’t fully present, the more one longs for someone, the more “missing” there is ... that energy only pushes an other away. Meditating on someone, sending them love, waiting for them etc oftentimes isn’t coming from love but rather from a desire to win that person over, to get them to respond ... it is conditional, that is why there is suffering and disappointment when an other does not act in a way that one is wanting them to act. There are so many dynamics that are referred to as love .... narcissism paired with codependency, victim/martyr, savior and one to be saved, controller and the controlled, manipulator and an other manipulator that acts like a victim ... all those scenarios are distorted and have to be addressed internally. I’ve examined hundreds scenarios and I’ve come to the conclusion once again that we live in a mental asylum and don’t understand the meaning of love. Love is clarity, love is freedom, there are no restrictions in love, there are no rules , but of course when one isn’t fully clear, those very understandings can be twisted in the most distorted ways by a narcissistic personality in order to serve itself. That is why love is paired with light, which is awareness, clear vision free from blind spots. Love is mastery, only a masterful being can possibly love. So instead of seeking this love thing ... a wise one seeks mastery ~


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