Ether Stone

Psychic Intuitive Empath Life Coach
6.2h average response
99.9% on-time delivery

About my services

*Profess to tell past, present, or future events through extraordinary spiritual insight or by perceiving anothers thoughts. *I receive messages through imagines/numbers. I decipher into/from metaphors I receive. So please feel free to direct my energy where it fits best for you. Numerology is strong in my readings so Life Path/Life Purpose Advisor/Coach is part of my specialty to assist your path. *If your reading is MISUNDERSTOOD or UNCLEARLY read, please ask me to explain or give opportunity to clarify. *Clarity is top priority for me to provide, but I wont know unless you ask, so please don’t hesitate:) *Follow ups have delays, patience appreciated:) *Questions MUST fit inside the discription box, and not continued into the comment section, much appreciated:) *If more than one question is asked, i will do my best to answer but cannot guarentee I can get to them all in the time allotted. *I will answer 1 follow up question, but ask new questions require a new order. *If more than two questions are asked, i will do my best within 3 minutes, but if i cannot within this time, then a new order is asked to be submitted, but i will follow up on questions that were answered:) *If follow up questions extend past 2 responses, i will also ask for another order for a deeper explanation. please no deceased questions. 🛑 Please see site restrictions on specific questions for i am limited:) (Health issues, financial issues, investments, lottery, dark energy)


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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