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I’m an intuitive Tarot reader, doing all types of readings, from love, money, career, timing to mysteries, yes or no questions, monthly and new year readings. To get even more information and details, I use a multitude of oracle decks and zodiac dices. I’m also specialised in doing Birth Charts in which we could find the course of ones life, as well as Synastry, that helps to see the dynamic and the influence given, in any type of relationship between two individuals, between lovers, friends or family, but also with Astrocartography, the natal map that shows you what planetary influence gives any city or country on the map, to your life. 🟢 I’m not able to do birth charts and astrocartography in the (3 minute) 24 hour readings or 1 hour readings🟢 ❗️I’m not sugar coating the readings❗️ I try to be as direct and straightforward with what I see, positive or negative. I can’t tell you what you want to hear, I can only say what the cards are telling me and what I pick up on. Just be aware that the energies are always changing, the energy of someone or of a circumstance could change completely from one day to a year🌊 The outcome is not set in stone, you have the power to change it☀️ ▫️So if you can’t accept a different opinion other than yours on a certain situation please don’t choose me as an advisor! 🙏🏻


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