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Let's open the Akashic Records for you! Sometimes even opening them can spark a waterfall of helpful downloads and messages for you. Your guides communicate mostly as a chorus and give me information for your highest good despite all other people, what people want of you or think of you, and other webs interacting with your life. Akashic is about solutions and finding root issues and knowing if you’re on a path to your highest self. ***Im on US-Eastern time and generally collect orders overnight but will get to your video order within 24 hours.*** Quick and to the point. I've translated spirit guides for over 1,500 customers. Send specific questions for your guides, and I can also add what they want you to know. Sometimes your guides have the perfect symbolism or mantra to share to help guide you along your journey. Guides generally include living and passed loved ones, elementals, animals, ancestors you may not know, and more! 🔮 Get peace of mind: Confused or need a confirmation on one of your upcoming or recent decisions? We can double check why you did something or will need to do something. We make over 40,000 decision each day so if you're on the fence about something there can a multitude of conscious and subconscious factors playing. 🧩 Type of topics: Love, career: including opportunities in your field or new hobbies to help fulfill some life contracts, dreams, pets and their wishes, and more. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Unseen issues or blocks: We can address any lineage issues. This is similar to constellation work which is very effective. 😇🚫 I do not do mediumship with passed pets or loved ones…takes a bit too much energy out of me!


Angel insights, Dream analysis, Psychic readings

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