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Services: Empathic Tarot Card Readings, Numerology Analysis, Oracle Card Readings and Spiritual Guidance, Gene Keys Practitioner, Shadow Work Guide, Simplicity Adapter, Parapsychology, Hermetic Teachings, "I AM" Path Practitioner. 🌺You are a loving, wise, autonomous and unique being! ⭐ Always trust your intuition first! 💗 Investigate within feeling your body and your energies if you are ready for the reading! ❣️The Mind might be ready but the Heart might still need time to prepare. There is no rush in being emotionally, mentally and energetically prepared for new insight. Before a purchase: 🖤🩶🤍🕊️Please watch my video and feel if you resonate with me! We all have different soul tribes so I may not necessarily be the reader for you. ⚡If you feel you should test my abilities or just "sample the reader" it means there is some sort of doubt and this is a clear indication TO NOT choose me as the foundation will not have an honest and trusting intention towards receiving clarity. I wish to really be of assistance spiritually and energetically instead of proving anything to anyone. 💁‍♀️There is a vast selection of Gifted Readers on this platform from which to receive what you are looking for. 💗 If feeling overwhelmed in regards to the situation related to the question you wish to receive clarity, please do a quick breathing exercise before to calm the energies and to reestablish bit of grounding within the axis of your Being wherever you might be: 🪷 Action: Close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply while having both your hands (or one) on your chest to calm your being and relax! 🪷 Affirmation for mental: I am Enough as I am, life is just happening to me! 🪷 Visualization: anywhere you feel/felt the sense of Calm and Serenity. 🌹I would recommend asking about the situation that is overwhelming after taking time to reflect and allow yourself to receive your own answers and insight, before asking for clarity. Your insight is the most important insight as it is adapted to your own Path and Experience. Once you have chosen me, it means there is a connection and a message should be received from me to you so please be open to receiving and exchanging energy with me. Please ask your questions as specifically as you can, offering as much essence as you can about the situation, so you can get a better reading. If I am asked generic questions I can only connect to generic outcomes in more directions or probabilities that might not be applicable to your current situation. 🥴 🕊️ You are the Architect of your Life, I can only come as a channel to connect for you A Grain of Sand in the Desert of your Vast and Unique Experience of Life. 🗨️ For Live Chat Orders: Please have your introduction message including the specific question with the info requested for connectivity so I can dive directly into the situation so as not to waste our time and your money. Applicable for below 10 min. orders. 🧍‍♀️🏃‍♀️For Standard and Rush Orders: Please remember there are Only 3 minutes of video so please be mindful of the number of questions you wish to address. 🙏I offer clarifications and answers after the readings if I feel the message still needs to flow for the inquirer. ✨Shine your light, you are important!


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