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(Please read) Namaste 🙏 I'm a Tarot Reader, Twinflame, Law of Assumption coach and certified Reiki healer! I believe the basis of any reading or advice is always empathy and I practice that passionately! I combine the 7 laws of the universe with the wisdom of the Tarot to guide my clients look into present energies of a situation and achieve their desired reality. I believe every situation can be transformed and there is no dead end in life. I can help you unlock the great potential within you- the power of your subconscious mind. 🌟How does Tarot work? Tarot cards pick up on the energy & intent of the client, the intent of the reader and the energy/intent of any other person involved in the reading. As a cumulative result, Tarot will reveal the current energy and possible outcome based on the present energies of the people involved. There are infinite versions of us in the universe and infinite parallel realities. With every move or change in energy or will, we keep shifting within realities and different versions and hence the outcome changes. The benefit of reading energy is that you can change or shift your reality based on the reading. If you don’t like the outcome, there are steps you can take to manifest your desire or change the current story. Hence, Tarot is a great temperature check tool. 🌟Does Tarot predict future? Tarot will reveal the possible outcome based on the energies of the people involved in the reading. It is dynamic and not fixed. 🌟 Timelines & Tarot: Tarot can give potential timeframes based on the present energies of a person but never a fixed timeline. Time is also dynamic and changes with our thoughts and actions. 🌟Law of Assumption/ Manifestation Guidance: If you wish to utilise the Law of Assumption to manifest a desire like a specific person, job, money or success, you can take guidance from me via Live Reading options. I will explain you the workings of the law, create customised affirmations based on your situation and recommend daily exercises/ meditations. 🌟 Twinflame Journey The most beautiful, deep and intense relationship you will ever have is your Twinflame! It is a spiritual journey towards our own selves that finally helps us come into union with our divine counterpart! You can get a detailed analysis & guidance on your twin flame journey via Video readings or Live reading options! 🌟 Tarot Readings- 💛Through my readings, I will aim to guide you towards your desired outcome by giving insights, suggestions and solutions using Tarot. 💛In case there is an unfavourable outcome, I will guide you how to best transform your situation and help you with healing and inner work. 💛Please be patient and wait for the predictions and manifestations to unfold. If you are willing to work towards achieving a specific goal of yours, I would guide you at every step and pour my heart and soul into helping you acheive it. 💛Please do not book a reading with me if you are not willing to accept the answers or suggestions with an open mind. I am saying this because- If your assumption or opinion about a certain matter is fixed then you will most likely manifest the same. In that case, you do not need a Tarot reading. Tarot digs deep. It reads your subconscious. 🌟I love to see my clients learn and grow into happy, confident individuals!! 👇 💡Current book recommendation by me- The Power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy 💡Current affirmation : My world takes care of me. Thank you 🤍


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