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I am here to deliver messages from the divine source. That which is infinite wise, powerful and understanding. Who is limitless in strength and power. I am a gifted intuitive psychic and read Tarot cards to help answer any questions to life and beyond. Many times there is confusion about what decision to make. I am here to empower you and validate your emotions and perspective. Make you realise your TRUE potential . My specialities include- 🌼Intuitive honest tarot readings 💖Know if you are with the right person 💖How to manifest right partner ❤️Change patterns of heartbreak ❣️What are his true feelings ❤️Clear any relationship blockages . 🌻Love relationships 🎯Career readings 📓Education reading ❣️❣️❣️All are welcome always 🤗 Each life is precious. Life itself is miracle 💕Theta channeling: 🎯Dig deeper and overcome patterns of hurt, anger, self defeat. 🎯Change self limiting beliefs to self empowering beliefs by theta channeling and brain reprogramming 🎯Heal your relationships 🎯Attract your soulmate and long term relationship 🎯Heal karma 🎯Work on yourself: Heal trauma , sadness . 🎯Be free of negative thoughts 🎯Release suppressing thoughts 🎯Gain clarity 🎯Know your worth ✝️Faith manifestation: Heal with the spiritual masters. Divine archetypes. Krishna consciousness 📿Mantra meditation: Chanting mantras and purify your energies and vibrations and free of anxiety. 🌕🌛🌙🌚Full Moon/ New moon meditation: Book an appointment with me on Full moon and or New moon day for a relaxing music meditation with mandolin and awaken your divine potential . Dark night of the soul. We go through spiritual transformation. Change is the only constant. Awaken your soul and lead a life free of worries and having a purpose. 🔔🎼Sound meditation: Singing bowls meditation for sleep and focusing the mind on goals. 🎸⭐Live Mandolin meditation Guided meditation with music on call or video. We can do a ten min meditation daily to overcome issues with sleep , anxiety and fatigue. 🌟Coherent channeling: Send energy to your loved ones who are in need. Help them evolve. Our karmas bind us to certain persons and relationships.The heart is fulfilled only when we have fulfilling relationship and when our loved ones are happy and at peace. healthy. Let's meditate together and heal with powerful techniques. 🌿Ayurveda: Indian herbs are known to soothe many issues . And can help with immunity , strength and vitality that are needed to lead a fulfilling life. Health is wealth. Guidelines before booking a reading : 🙏No trial /test readings Please provide accurate details such as name and age. I provide accurate honest readings. Interpretation of cards will change as per relationship status , job status . 🙏please don't hide important details. such as last time you were in contact. This is a judgement free zone . 🙏For Rush readings please let me know if you wish to see live shuffling. I try to utilise your time in best way possible. 🙏Timing is divine timing. 💗 I try to answer all your questions. ‼️no Questions such as what will they tell me , what are her hobbies, what colour do they like, lucky number, number of children‼️ 🙏Please provide concise details and will share the honest outcome based on my gifts of clairvoyance, claircognisance and tarot cards. 💗Readings are based on energies of person and are changing based on their free will. 💝We can determine our actions and how the other person is feeling. But their actions might change and thus change the life path. ❣️I can guide you with energies and characteristics of person. 💗I can offer you emotional support and meditation in case of separation . ‼️But don't provide legal outcomes.No pregnancy questions. Life /death is pre destined and not in human hands. I don't do mediumship readings.‼️ ❣️If any information comes to me from tapping into divine source of knowledge, i will surely share it with you . 🌻I am a certified music meditation teacher, theta meditation teacher and yoga and pranayama expert. I can help with Ayurveda, mantras chants to awaken your dormant self and lead a fulfilling life which is peaceful and satisfying. 💖Chat with me to know more about any questions. Feel free to ask anything. Know I will never judge you. Always there to listen to you. ‼️please note 🙏 i don't do mediumship or connect with lost loved ones 💖✅I play a stringed instrument called mandolin and use it for meditation to relieve any issues. Do book your private sessions for same as well.


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