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Your questions answered 🙂 Hello! I'm a 5th Generation Spiritual Advisor, Guide, Teacher, and Psychic-Mystic Reader. My work is deeply rooted in my mixed Celtic-Scottish and Mesopotamian-Persian ancestry, and I have been dedicated to this path my entire life. I am here to offer you compassionate, honest, ethical, and empowering guidance. I can help you with: • Answering your questions • Law of assumption/attraction • Love and improving relationships • Soulmates and deeper connections • Spiritual empowerment, development, and mentorship • Your spiritual ascension journey • Guidance with spiritual awakening • Activating your multidimensional self • Past life/trans-lifetime messages and lessons • Connecting with your guides • Finding your purpose • Emotional healing • Angelic messages • Life and relationship coaching About the readings I offer and tools I use: I offer inclusive and open readings, meeting you wherever you are in life’s journey. My goal is to empower you to take aligned actions for the highest good of all involved. I share difficult information with kindness and an empowering perspective. Remember, predictions are not prophecies; you must take action and ownership too! Please read this before you reach out: • For 3-minute videos, please limit to 2 questions max. • For live readings, please ask one question at a time before moving to the next. • I do not offer timelines as an ethical reader. • Please wait a few days to a week before asking about the same situation/question. • I will refuse readings to anyone who is intoxicated. • Please be mindful of my time zone (UK GMT/BST) when asking clarifying questions. The kinds of readings I don’t offer: • Health, medical, or financial matters • Legal situations or outcomes • Politics • Anything wishing ill intentions on others or going against someone else’s free will • Relationship readings that want the breakup of someone else’s relationship • Remote viewing, lost items/people/pets • Mediumship or contact with passed loved ones or pets • Questions on sex • Twin Flame readings * I do not confirm/deny the work of other readers


Psychic readings, Love readings, Tarot readings

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