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About my services

Hi there. As an experienced oracle + psychic, my aim is to give you honest insights into multiple areas of your life. I can specifically help you with the following: 💫 Business + career growth 💫 Soul connection 💫 Aligning with your purpose 💫 Love + relationships 💫 Spiritual development 💫 Empowerment + self leadership I give the mesages as they come to me. Sometimes it’s not what you want or expect, but I will lovingly guide you though it and give suggested advice to help you move forward. All the advice I give is for your highest good. But you still have free will on whether you want to follow my advice or not - that’s your choice. I do offer predictions and guidance around timelines, but please be aware that any choices you make can alter things + set you down a different path. I do not do readings for other people without their permission or knowing. In relationship readings I can tune into the energy between the two of you and advise on that, but I won’t comment on their personal life or feelings.


Oracle guidance, Astrology & Horoscopes, Psychic readings

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