Psychic Guidance and Energy Alignment
11.7h average response
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About my services

My gifts allow me to identify blockages in your life and work with you to release them. Many times, clients contact psychics due to confusion and emotional clouding that blocks their own intuition and decision making. It is my intention to empower you and provide space to process emotions and offer a clearer lens on whatever you may be facing. I specialize in developing intuition, distance reiki, relationship readings, career readings, and improving self-love. My sessions offer profound clearing results because of my training & approach. I use my spiritual gifts to empower you *now* so you can walk down the path that is most harmonious with who you are. I do not offer concrete timelines, I clear and open energy for you. I am a vessel and a guide, assisting you in choosing the best timeline for your soul. For best results, I recommend booking a readings and reiki sessions consistently (1-2x per week). Due to Purple Ocean Policy, I am unable to offer legal advice or medical advice. Looking forward to connecting 🧚🩵🪽


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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