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About my services

I’m an intuitive tarot reader, utilizing my clairvoyant and claircognizant abilities to give you the most insightful tarot reading as possible. I use tarot cards to guide my findings, and the messages I recieve are tailored to your specific questions or interests. I am honest and straightforward, and will never twist the trust to only tell you want you want to hear. I keep the energic hygeine in the area I work clear, so your readings will not produce negative karma. 🔮WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE 1) I will fully read/watch your written and video submission. 2) I will say a prayer and meditate on your questions. 3) I will shuffle and pull all the tarot cards for your reading beforehand so I can commit the entire 3 minutes to answering your questions and fully explaining my findings. 4) If you would like more clarity or expansion on a question, write me afterwards and I will quickly get back to you. I empathically connect to your situation to give you a VERY detailed and indepth reading. I strongly suggest providing a detailed account of your situation. By withholding valuable information, I may take more energy trying to piece the situation in my head rather than efficiently focusing on your question/concern. Feel free to ask me for further clarification if needed after you receive the reading. I am very accomodating.


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