Advisor Jooly

tarot reader and intuitive
1.9h average response
99.3% on-time delivery

About my services

I’m a practical Tarot reader with a curiosity for science and psychology. In my readings, i like to give an energetic report on the situation, so you can see all the angles before you make an empowered choice. I don’t believe our future is fixed, so I strive to always give you the most productive guidance as you navigate your unique path. In my opinion, nothing is strictly a “yes” or “no” but a balance of the two; i give you all the vibes so you can decide if a situation aligns with your values and desires. My strengths as a reader include decision making, relationship reports, career guidance, clarity on communication issues and planning help. I might not be the right reader for you if you’re looking for a definitive timeline. The timeline is always dependent on the work you put in - nothing is written, you write it yourself. I also do not use the concept of “twin flames” in my practise, and will tell you to leave abusive relationships 100% of the time. I’m also a reiki master and always use intention to deliver the most impactful reading. I deliver what is energetically there, not what you want to hear, so be prepared to hear some hard truths. I hope to connect with LGBTQ+ seekers around the world and offer affirming advice on this platform !


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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