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✨Clear Connection, Honest Message, and Insightful Reading 🔮 1-2 QUESTIONS ONLY on Recorder Reading for Rush or 24Hours Order. ✅ CALL FOR LIVE READINGS and go In-Depth into your situation. 🌟 WATCH MY INTRO VIDEO and READ MY BIO before placing an order. I will ask you at the beginning of our Conversation to confirm our match for a reading. ❌ THIRD PARTY DILEMA ❌ CHEATING QUESTION ❌ INFIDELITY SUSPECT ❌ PRIVACY MATTER *** I DO NOT READ INTO 🚫 •Third Party ( another person involve ) •Privacy •Infidelity •Medical •Health •Pregnancy •Legal ( documents / court involve ) •Divorce ( active, not finalized ) •Financial •Dark Magic •Twinflame 👁️ I OFTEN PERCEIVE INTO THE FUTURE ( at least, a week ahead ). This may not resonate with your present reality. Please consider before placing an order as this may be *triggering*. ✨ The future insight might not align with your desired outcome today. 🌜I foresee and foretell potential future. I DO NOT GIVE FIXED DESTINY. In relationships, people are free to make choices that can alter the prediction that was based on today’s energy.🌛 ⏳ TIME IS FLUID— I predict timeline, but it is an estimate. I integrate all information to calculate an estimated timeframe for manifestation. 🌙 SIGNATURE READINGS ✨ ✧ Heart Energy ✦ Future Insight-Clarity ✧ Shadow Work ✦ Relationship Dynamics ✧ Human Psychology & Psyche ✦ Compatibility-Energetic Match ✧ Life Guidance ✦ Spiritual Awareness ✧ Psychic Advice ✦ Personal Development ‼️IF you do not resonate with my personality and reading style in my Intro video, I am not the Psychic to read into your delicate situation. CHOOSE CAREFULLY & WISELY. 💚 I AM NOT A THERAPIST. I feel & read energy, and provide Psychic Advice. Be considerate when you are placing an order for a recorded reading. SIMPLIFY YOUR QUESTION (max 2 only). Save the story for a therapist / counselor, or intimate friend. The dynamic of our consultation is an exchange for a PSYCHIC SERVICE. 🔮 My Psychic abilities show up as: Clairsentience (I feel), Claircognizance (I know), Clairvoyance (I see), Clairaudience (I hear), Empath (I sense), HSP (sensitivity), Mediumship, and Chanelling. 🌹 TERMS OF USE— Please familiarize yourself with the use of any service/s received through the platform by visiting Purple Ocean, Purple Garden, and/or Barges Technologies Inc website. www.purpleocean.co/terms-of-use (excerpt) “You understand that any information provided to You by any Advisor is strictly for general entertainment purposes and that any consultation with any Advisor or any information provided by any Advisor is not a substitute for the advice and counsel of a qualified professional.” “We do not guarantee the accuracy of a reading or any other advice exchanged.” ——————————//———————(@ 🎈$2.99 SALE DAYS— on Live Calls during Most Major Holidays 🪭


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