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✨️Now available Tuesday-Saturday throughout the day and early night ~•▪︎My Service Rules & Boundaries▪︎•~ ●Please Read Before Ordering● ⭐️My readings are in depth and offer guidance on how you can mend or work on the issue at hand. I do not offer quick answers or a simple "yes or no" without deeper insight 🔮To ensure quality readings no more than 3 questions per Rush or 24 hour video order and 1 per follow up 1️⃣ I will read on only 1 POI or topic per 24 hr or Rish Videos ✍️I will not answer new or follow up questions in the post service chat box. I am happy to clairify cards already pulled or go deeper on info already given by sprit. Further information or new questions will only be answered in a new order 💬I will type my last sentence or clairfy any confusion for Live Sessions post service. Any unanswered questions or further insight that was not given because of the time running out will only be answered in a new order ⛔️My services are for Spiritual and Psychic guidance not fortune telling or future predictions. Meaning: I cannont tell exact details of your loved one. Spirit will not tell me their hight, weight, hair color, shoe size, eye color etc. The same goes for timing, I cannot tell when they will contact you, if they are looking at or engaging with your social media, etc... 👩‍⚖️I will not tell you to hire or fire someone or to leave or create a relationship 🃏I read from the Tarot de Marseille. This form of tarot focuses more on numerology, astrology, and subtle imagery than other types of tarot.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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