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WELCOME TO PSYCHIC READING WITH ME ⭐️ I am so happy and honored to read you and guide you on your path! When you are having a psychic reading with me expect me to be honest, direct and give you the information exactly as I get it. I receieve psychic impression through seeing, feeling, just knowing and sometimes hearing🙏 My speciality is reading energies, I am very intune with feeling what someone is feeling towards you, intentions, thoughts and outcome. Whatever you need if it’s love & relationship, career, money or other things I will always try my best to receive correct information for you and give you all the details I can ⭐️ Also if you are happy with your reading it means a lot if you can leave me a positive review🥰 IMPORTANT: If you expect to have all your answers in 2 minutes please don’t call me. My intentions is to always give you correct information and go deeply into your energy and it’s not just about me typing. I firstly close my eyes and feel your energy while I’m also connecting to spirit to guide me and then I start typing and give you everything I get. I use my whole being and all my abilities to help you and the whole process getting disturbed when you are rushing me and the messages don’t get as deep as they could have. So please if you want reading from me have patience and time. Most of my clients are saying I am fast and they are getting a lot for like 5-10 minutes but I don’t want to promise that as every reading is different. Also I do NOT answer more questions in the inbox, I have experienced clients asking me question in the last 10 second of the call and then expecting me to finish my answer in the inbox but please know I am using my energy and time on this so if you want answers then call me or chat with me. I will always clairify for you when I have time but I won’t continue to do reading in inbox or answer what I didn’t reach in the inbox. Like let say you have 5 minute and you have 10 questions and I only have done 2 questions, I am not doing the rest in the message box. Also timing, I will always try to feel time but I find timing challenging and its not my speciality just as you know✨ I AM EXCITED TO READ YOU AND YOUR SITUATION 💖🙏⭐️


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