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I offer high quality & accurate readings and helpfull advise in each and every reading. 🔮☯️ Ive been a helping people throughout life & most of my life with guidance from spirit and my guides since a young age and I've been studying and communicating with the tarot since a young age also. The traditional rider Waite deck is my preferred tool for my readings and I always incorporate my tarot cards into my reading, whilst i also connect with spirit & and my guides in most readings Interpreting impressions/ visions (messages) I receive from my guides whilst connected to my clients energy doing a personal reading. I'm honest, understanding and compassionate and good at what i do. Getting to the point of issue or uncertainty is what I do to help best. I don't suger coat anything in my readings especially important message and information that needs to be understood by the quarant (you), knowing that my readings and all interactions we have are guided in a joyus white light incapsulated in shimmering purple💜💫⚘️ guided by love and light and the divine i can help you to understand your current situation with clarity & assurance so you can feel confident in knowing a possible outcome or resolution for what ever challenges or uncertainty you may be experiencing. #* IF ANSWERS IS WHAT YOU NEED??? *** THEN don't HESITATE! I'm good at what I do and helping others understand so they are able to move back towards there higher truth is my soul purpose and also my first nature so feel free go ahead and ask me what ever deep questions or guidance or advice you may need 🌛🪐🌝 Guided by love and light I help the divine guide you 🌻🌛🪐🌞 ***🔮LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS 🃏 TAROT CARD READINGS ♉️ ASTROLOGY & BIRTH CHART REPORT 🌏 CAREER & LIFE PATH READING 🚩📢⚠️!! PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING👇 🚩📢 ⚠️ ⛔️⏰️#questions in relation solely to a TIME frame will not and CAN not be answered. ⚠️please consider this before ordering a reading with me⚠️ ✅️ I CAN answer ALL yes and no questions clearly & accurately. ✅️ I CAN go into deep details during your reading and really help you to understand. I take pride in giving each client the most detail i can in the short amount of time. ✅️ Relationship or new interest readings I CAN explore and give clarity & insight on the deepest level. ✅️I can explore all career questions and answer questions of your possible out come of a chosen path, but I am not obliged in anyway or form to answer any direct questions in relation to timeframe. 🚨 If the priority of your interest in a reading is to ask WHEN something might happen OR WHEN will you graduate or when will you travel.... and question is directly asking "when"?I will not be directly or limited to to be answered as i do not provide that as a service. ⚠️Please consider choosing a different Advisor, if you have a WHEN question. ⭐️ But please 🙏 if your question is ANYTHING else and you would like FULL DETAILS as well as the 🔮ANSWERS🔮 ✅️ if you want to know IF something is going to happen?? OR IF you will travel?? Or if you are going to graduate when you should be graduating is definitely a successful way to clearly ask a question and i can definitely 👌💯 ANSWER!! # FULL DETAILS To ALL YOUR 💫QUESTIONS 🎯😊💚🙏 **********


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