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📍By ordering with me, you are COMPLYING with everything below. Please ensure you understand how my services work. Thank you!😁📍 ***IMPORTANT: I firmly believe the future is never set in stone, as free will and your knowledge of the energy map from your readings will allow you to do the rest. You must always put the work in and not allow influences from my readings to play out on their own, as that is not how Tarot and Oracle readings work. They are extremely powerful tools for guidance and direction. PLEASE REVIEW BELOW prior to getting a reading from me. Thank you for your understanding.*** The Tarot readings I offer provide you with an in-depth overview of the present situation you are seeking clearer insight on, including, but not limited to, past influences, the direction you're heading, as well as where to maintain your focus. Through the mystical power of the Tarot, my job is to mirror what is already there, allowing you to make wiser choices and recognize the energy surrounding your circumstance. Always remember, you are much more potent and extraordinary than you think! 🌟I DO NOT perform readings on any health (including pregancies) and legal matters. 🌟I DO NOT provide Names/Initials/Appearances/Locations. 🌟Timing (specific days, weeks, months, years) is NEVER guaranteed, but I can provide core zodiacal seasons that will give you the highest vibrational energy for your goals to come to fruition (same concept for YES/NO questions). 🌟Remember, you MUST put the work and effort in towards reaching your desired outcome, as your future depends on the choices you make. 🌟Please DO NOT rush chat readings, as I do need to shuffle and draw cards efficiently. Rushed readings will result in confusing and clouded energy being relayed. 🌟Please DO NOT test my abilities, as made up and dishonest information will only provide a fake reading back from the energy of the cards. They play too as a result❗️ ☄️The follow-up messaging box after your reading is a courtesy to you and to be used for clarification of anything mentioned during the reading. I will be more than happy to answer ONE question. I appreciate your understanding.💫


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