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✨🔮Contact Me To Gain Clarity On🔮✨ ▫️Love & Relationships ▫️Career & Business ▫️Life Purpose Insight & Direction ▫️Spirituality (higher self check-ups & clarity) ▫️Money (Identifying blocks) ▫️Advice from Spirit ♥️ Disclaimer for LOVE Readings: Sometimes the energy does not show a happy ending with the client and their POI: ♥️ “Non-Committal” does not mean that they won’t give you a title… It means that they will not be faithful. ♥️If learning that a lover or potential match is not an energetic fit for you and upsets you to the point of lashing out, you should not consult me for these matters. I will tell you the absolute truth about the situation because I believe in free will, clarity and you deserve to know the truth. Abusing an intuitive/psychic in their inbox or leaving false reviews because you don’t get the outcome you’d like is not the way to handle disappointment in life/love. 🥺 It also does not help to remove the blocks around love for you. I will be more than happy to help you as a potential long-term or existing client to navigate the energy to attract love and uncover your blocks, but please understand that I (or any other reader) cannot make someone “be in love with you”, “desire you”, “want you”, “find you attractive”, “marry you” or come back to you if they no longer see it beneficial to be romantically involved with you and if they have found peace outside of the connection. We all deal with heartbreak and disappointment at some point in life. Its our responsibility to find the way to handle a tough situation and outcome in life with grace. 🙏🏾✨ Sending light for healing. ❤️‍🩹 FYI: If you are impolite during our exchange, it will block the energy of our reading and additional insights. Be Kind. ⛔️If you are or feeling suicidal, please do not place an order with me as I WILL NOT fulfill that order. If you are feeling suicidal, psychic advising is not the best advice to seek during this time. Please contact a mental health professional or call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK). ⛔️ PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING TO MAKE SURE WE’RE A GOOD FIT! FYI: I read the energies that show up in the cards for you at the time of inquiry … not the energy of another Reader’s feedback. If you are 100% confident in the feedback you received from other readers then why consult another reader 🤷🏽‍♀️ ????????????????????????? Please be clear on what you want to hear vs what you need to hear. Thank You ✨🙏🏾 📌PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE ORDERING ✨THE DO’s✨ 💫 Consult my services if you are solution oriented and prefer “no-nonsense” answers about your situation. 💫 Practice good spiritual hygiene! 🫣I can see your behavior in our readings. 💫 KEEP QUIET. Keep the insights and the details of your readings PERSONAL and PRIVATE! Nothing impacts the outcome of a great energy reading then some one else’s foreign, opinions and potentially toxic energy (including yours by interfering). If you absolutely must share the details of your reading with me, Write them down on a piece of paper or in a journal and tuck it away! But, whatever you do, keep your reading feedback session private and practice managing your emotions and reactions. 💫 Please ask ONLY ONE topic/questions for 3-minute videos. I love granting you insight but, I cannot cram so much information into 3-minutes because the downloads that I get are typically LOADED with information. Less is more! Some examples of an open ended question that encourages clarity include: 👍 “What will my experience be if I chose option A or B? 👍 “What’s the energy or influences surrounding this situation?” 👍 “Can you uncover the conflict in this situation?” 👍 “What does this person think/feel/believe about of me?” 💫 Please LEAVE A REVIEW of my services. Its a form of gratitude that always returns with rewards (and it helps me to grow as a reader 😉 ). 💫 Please be specific in your requests for readings. Focus on what you would like to know about your outcome. Avoid time based questions related questions like: 👎“What day and time will this event occur?” 👎“How many weeks/months/years will I have to wait for such an outcome?” 👎 “When will I get married?” If these are specific need and urgent, spirit will promptly share this insight during our session. Its best to frame your questions in a way that the answer will: - help you make a peaceful/productive/positively impactful decisions in the situation that you’re inquiring about; - offers you an objective outlook and; - empowers your next move in the situation …because, that’s the point in consulting an Intuitive! 😌 💫 Always consult The Most High God and your sacred/holy text (Bible, Quran, Torah, etc) for ultimate clarity. You always hear your truth first (even if you are confused). 💫 DO check and respond to the text messages/inbox because I do expound in the text messages if I can’t fit everything in the video. 😌 💫 STAY OPEN ENERGETICALLY (during our session): As an intuitive reader, I see in parts and glimpses and feel impressions along with a voice of guidance. I will share what I am allowed to see, so stay open minded to the outcome. 💫 Come in with the understanding that: ⚡️⚡️⚡️ENERGY IS FLUID⚡️⚡️⚡️ It moves. ITS MUTABLE. Some energy is fast, some energy is slow, some energies are heavy, some energies are light… Nothing is ever in the bag with energy. This means it can be influenced and that your influence can change the outcome. Therefore, if I tell you that the current energy between you and someone looks like a happy outcome, it does not give you permission or license to go out and do something to sabotage that outcome and expect the same happy outcome. 💫 You are still responsible for managing the energy of your life. Not a card. 💫 Be willing & ready to accept that your energy may not always show up as the “good-guy”, “good-girl” or “good-unicorn” 🦄 in the situation. I am inclined by my ethics to tell you the objective and empowering truth of the matter as its revealed to me. I’m uncovering the energy. Its not personal. Sending light for ease of delivery in our communication✨ 🚫🛑THE DON’Ts🛑🚫 ❌ I do not give advice on medical health, pregnancy readings (as related to health, birth outcomes, paternity outcomes), legal or DNR’s. Please do not ask. ❌ I do not perform Mediumship (consulting the dead) services. Please do not inquire about anyone or animal that has passed away. That’s a no zone for me. If they left, let them rest. ❌ I do not channel lost items, lost people or lost pets. ❌ Please do not consult me: ▫️regarding other people’s personal matters. These sessions are FOR YOU and those directly/indirectly impacting your life and well being. 🙅🏾‍♀️ Not only is it energetically invasive and nosy, its spiritually unethical. If you ask, I will request that you reframe the question in a way that it connects directly to you and not in their personal affairs or energy; Or have you refer said individual to PURPLE OCEANS to receive their own one on one session. ▫️🙅🏾‍♀️ Do not consult me: If you can’t handle hearing opposite of your desired outcome. (I’m just reading the energy) ▫️🙅🏾‍♀️ Do not consult me: If you plan on using these sessions to invade the privacy of others, over step your boundaries, interfere or disrupt in the lives of others, meddle in the affairs of other people or cause harm to others. I am a person first and ‘psychic’ is a title. Do be kind 🙏🏽 🔊🔊🔊Readings do not give you permission to act out of character. Act responsibly, respectfully and manage your emotions. ❌ I do not offer spells of any kind. ❌ I do not offer or perform root work. ❌ I do not practice or perform witchcraft. ❌ I cannot control or change the free-will (such as actions, choices, feelings or thoughts) of you or any other living breathing thing. I read the energies as they are now in relation to one another and the level of intensity (if prompted by The Most High and your Higher Self). I will share the insights I receive the best way that I can, but cannot ultimately make you choose or desire the outcome that is surfaces. ❌ After our session is complete, do not ask new question/topic by text to “dig” for more insight on a NEW topic. Kindly pay for another question and I will respond with a new submission. ❌ I am not responsible for any misuse or misinterpretation of any advice sought or given during our sessions. Please manage your life responsibly. 😌


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