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‼️Please provide a video when requesting a video reading so I can connect best ‼️ I am an empath, therefore I sense and feel. I use my cards, intuition and my guides. 💖 Love & Relationships 👼🏼 Connecting with loved ones who have passed 💵 Finances & Career 🎴What’s coming up? General readings ❗️Only 2-3 questions at a time. No further questions after the reading unless for clarity. This doesn’t mean you can ask another question and say it’s for clarity 🤦🏻‍♀️ ➡️ A Clarification question is something like “what did you mean by....?”. By no means is an additional question such as “will he contact me?” for clarification. ⚠️ No further questions after any readings in comment box. !! Give time for predictions to happen. One client left a negative review the NEXT day saying prediction did not come to pass. Not everything will happen tomorrow. I will be truthful in a loving manner - do not get upset with me if I don't tell you a fairytale story 🤴🏽💞👰🏼 📍Do not leave out important information. I need to know the situation fully as time is limited. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Do not test me by giving very little information or leaving vital information out, as this WILL affect your reading. Do not test me to see if I'm any good by lying about certain things- it messes with my guides! And your reading will not make sense to either of us ☹️ ⏱TIMINGS can vary and delays can occur, therefore I am no longer providing time frames in my readings. My guides do not inform me of time frames clearly however I will of course inform you of what's to come! ⏱


Angel insights, Love readings, Psychic readings

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