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🌟Detailed Gypsy Cards/Lenormand and Traditional Tarot Readings ❤️Specialized in Love/Relationships and Career/Studies  💜Psychic Guidance and coaching  🌈Over 10 years experience providing a wealth of professional accurate readings My style: What I see is what you get - no holds barred! I read with my feet firmly on the ground in a descriptive and conversational way. Though I am kind and understanding and will phrase what I see accordingly, remember I am not here to "please" you.  I am here to be give you a clear and detailed honest reading that will be of great service to you. This is what allows my readings to be clear of influences and remain accurate. Keep in mind that readings are NOT always meant to be all negative and doom or all positive and flowers. Just like real life, my readings are realistic, in the sense that the expected "possible" outcome may not always be the norm, life is full of surprises "good" or "bad". I am here to keep you ahead of the curve - outcomes can be avoided, modified and created by behavior and a change in point of view and self. Important:  Do not hide information, I will see it and it will come out on the cards.  This will create confusion between what you say and what I see. Be specific and clear in your queries please! Every and absolutely anyone is most welcome - always!  All situations are allowed to be read on apart from: Health, Legal and Gambling direct guidance. Offensive, threatening, abusive behavior will be reported. I do not accept requests for general readings. Always have a point of focus, topic or a feeling for us to work on. How to: 3 questions maximum for every 3 minute video request.  I will be happy to clarify any points of the reading (questions/cards/messages in the video) but extra questions will not be answered in chat.  I will not answer any posted questions while engaged in other readings. For further questions please use the "Live/Voice/Video Call" function or order a follow-up reading. Know that too many questions plus too little time equals me not being able to address any of your questions in deep detail 🧡. Do provide me with your first name and date of birth and that of the other person in question if known (POI) as well as the gender you identify with. A brief summary of the situation and how you feel about things will help me connect with you at a deeper level. Please let me know if you want me to show your card spread, alternatively I will not focus on showing the cards while delivering your message. 🧡💛💚Should you like to know what is coming for you in regards to love and you don't have a specific person in mind, please clarify the gender preference if any - this will alter what cards I will add or remove from the deck, therefore very important for an accurate reading.  I also will keep this in mind when describing the person to you. I predict possible time-frames, meaning a time period when something has the strongest potential of happening from the point of view of the now without modifying behaviors or beliefs. Reviews: Please leave detailed descriptive reviews of your reading experience. Give time for the reading to process and resonate before you write your review. I take great pride in what I do and I take your reading very seriously. I have been reading professionally for a long time. Come to me with this in mind. Check in with me in chat prior to leaving a negative review. Note that I will not read for nor communicate with you again in case you leave a negative review.


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