Empathic Emma
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98.6% on-time delivery

About my services

I'm a 5th generation psychic, based near London ✨ My day job is waitressing in Essex, UK so I'm an average person by day, but live with my heart and soul in psychic and spiritual wisdom in my free time. I'd love to help you as often as possible by night or my free time 😊 I've helped my colleagues and friends have spiritual awakenings by explaining the power of numerology and tarot; informing them of how it can help you connect to the universe, your spirit guides/guardian angels, even further understanding yourself. Earlier in 2022 I used my gift to raise almost Β£200 for the cause of Ukraine refugees as well as used my gift to help men and women to reveal truths from partners which had previously left them confused for years. I will do my utmost to help provide advice on romance, soul mates, career and life overall, anything you'd like as best as I can πŸ’– No question is a bad question and I'm completely judgment free πŸ™


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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