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***I love having the opportunity to do intention-focused Soul reading. When you have an intention and decide to clear the way to it, we can read your Akashic Record, where information from Soul-level is kept, and learn what is available to help you be in alignment for that path. It is also great fun to give some understanding of the Soul's personal Divine Gift, as it assists us in recognizing the ways we most easily manifest. When you want this kind of reading, please give your permission to read your Akashic Record.*** All credit goes to the Creator. I'm only a vessel. I provide Spirit Guidance. This manifests in several forms. We may use tools in your reading, such as cards, astrology, or a pendulum. We may bring forward messages without those means. I also work with the Akashic Records, so Soul-level insight can enter in as well. In general, the more specific the question the more detailed the answers; however, I’ve discovered I get a lot more information than there is time to deliver. I have learned to be quick and concise with my answers so please review the recording or transcript for anything missed. A video of your question would be great but not necessary for me to give you a high-quality reading. On 3-minute video orders I offer answers to two questions on one topic. No new questions will be answered in messages please. Please provide the birthdates of all people you are inquiring about. The time and place of birth are helpful as well. I give honest readings with love and care. I respect a person’s life path too much to offer false hope. Spirit Guidance can provide you with a vantage point that reveals pathways to goals on love and career, but also help heal families by getting a deeper understanding of their motives and behaviors. Timelines Sometimes, I can get a timeline and other times not. Psychic timing is always in motion. The future isn’t set in stone. New actions create new outcomes. My goal is to give the information clearly and kindly so you can make the best choices for yourself. I hold animal beings very dear and will happily accomplish whatever I can for them, trusting the Creator's loving Guidance as I do for the human beings. Due to call volume and time constraints, any follow-up messages are not guaranteed but I promise to do my best.


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