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About my services

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I am an intuitive reader who uses the Tarot to divine the answers to your most pressing questions. During readings I also connect to the energy of the situation and can provide intuitive guidance. My goal is to provide you with clear answers to guide you on your path. Whether you have a specific situation you're dealing with or are simply feeling "stuck" I can help bring clarity into your life. My readings range from love, career, spiritual guidance, dream interpretation, and more. As per Purple Ocean policy, no medical or legal questions, please. **Please ask only one question per reading. The videos are time limited. If you asked more than one question, only the first question will be answered. **This is a no judgement zone. Please be honest and direct. **LGBT+ safe space 🌈 **To ask more questions, please request another reading. 🙏🏽 **No yes/no questions. Readings are best performed for questions that are open ended. Instead of asking "will I get a new job soon?" you can ask "What can I expect in my career in the coming months?" Be open. Sometimes you won't get the answer you were expecting, but it may the be one you truly needed to hear.


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