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About my services

Readings with me are an opportunity for reflection and direction. I use the tarot as a tool to guide my intuition and together we explore the things that weigh on your heart, mind, and spirit so you can find clarity and space to move forward in life. I generally am not willing to offer specific time frames for my readings as we all have free will and and life is about flow. For me, when you understand the direction to go and the steps to take, the timeline should remain open and flexible. I am able and willing to provide spiritual direction, guidance in your relationships, business mentorship, and general clarity regarding decisions that you need to make in life. I'm not a medical doctor who will generally not speak on medical issues, but I am willing to offer guidance regarding health and wellness and things you can do navigate any health struggles that you're having. Three minutes isn't a long time and I want to be sure that you are getting a thorough reading on your questions. Each reading will cover only one topic area. You can submit multiple questions within that topic and I will do my best to address them. You can send up to two follow-up questions using messaging. If you have a question regarding a different area of your life, you will need to submit it as a new order so I can give it the proper attention that you deserve.


Psychic readings, Tarot readings, Love readings

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