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Hello my name is Emily, thanks for connecting with me today! I offer readings, coaching, and educational sessions for those who want to dive deeper into their practice. Whether your question is around career, love, or any life events, I am happy to offer insight and clarity for you. Something seem off lately and can’t put your finger on it? Looking to heal and get past old issues? Let’s talk and get you some clarity so you can move forward in life with confidence as you work towards being your best self! <3 Specializing in shadow work assistance and integration, dark night of the soul, crystals, astrology, Saturn’s Return coaching, and mentorship sessions for newly awakened souls and those who are in transition. I am a fast typer for chat so you get the mosg bang for your buck. <3 Things I don’t do: pregnancy readings, hexes or curses or love spells of any kind (love readings are ok). Please keep in mind, especially for love readings, that nothing is set in stone. We all have free will and timelines shift depending on the decisions of both parties involved, so things can change quickly. However, I can offer insight into the current trajectory of the energies at hand, offer insight into the feelings currently held, and advise on how to achieve the outcome you’re desiring based on what’s happening now. Along this same line, please keep in mind that asking for timelines of when something will happen is also difficult, as there are so many moving parts, everyone has free will, and things are constantly shifting. Readers can give you an estimate, but nothing is set in stone time wise, so please don’t push for timelines. Setting yourself up for expectations that way often ends up in disappointments and can affect your mindset, and therefore change the outcome.


Love readings, Tarot readings, Psychic readings

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