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🔮 You are seeking guidance about life's most important decisions. YES? Then, get the answers and precise predictions you deserve from The Hidden Dragon. Now is the time to talk to me if you want good luck and money. Want to know if they are the one? I can tell you all of this and more. Why predict the future? So we can manifest it! Don't let your mind play tricks. Start your private session. 📹 Video Orders - 🌟 Please stick to 1 specific topic/subject (love, money, career) keeping to a maximum of 3 questions per topic/subject!! 🌟 Remember, I have only 3 minutes to deliver your answers. Place follow-up orders for further questions for a more in-depth understanding of the reading when advised. 📱 📹 🎤 text/video/audio readings - 🌟 I am happy to clarify all the answers in the comments once the call has finished. I am not obliged to answer any further questions outside of the paid time. 🌟 I can only do mediumship readings and Reiki via live video calls. ✅️ It will be greatly appreciated if you leave a positive review so I can help others like yourself find clarity, harmony, balance, and love. I promise you it's good, Karma!! ❌️ For any negative reviews, I'm sorry that you may be upset with the reading. If you're not happy, then tell me your feelings and the problem, and I will do my best to suit your needs and clarify for FREE in the comment section. 🚫 Do not tell me how to conduct my readings. All of my readings are intuitive as I am a direct channel for the universe/God. Only on live calls can you request how you would like me to read - clairvoyance/crystal ball/a specific deck of your choice. 🦺Be as transparent as possible; you don't have to be afraid to share your feelings with me and be vulnerable; as it is from this place, I can serve you to the best of my abilities. Contemplate your own fears around why you would withhold information from me in the first place before taking a reading with me. Clarify situations about yourself and your POI; are you in a relationship? Are they married? What happened? by being honest with me you are taking the first step into finding solutions to the situation; otherwise if you are not honest with me or hide anything from the reading then you are devaluing your own self worth and don't believe you deserve what it is you are seeking the solution to 👀 🔮 I can assure you I can provide you with direct insight as you evolve along your path and show you consistency to become the best version of yourself should you have to have recurring readings. 🔮 Predictions don't have to be complicated. Whether healing from and understanding the past or predicting the future before it happens, get insight into what lies ahead and how to handle today with The Hidden Dragon. ❤️ Lost love? I can help. We have all experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives, but we don't need to suffer anymore. Let me show you how true love and happiness are at your fingertips!! Some say love is blind, and then let's look into the crystal ball together. Start your private session. It could save you time or even change your life forever !! 🔮 Here are a few reasons to choose me as your psychic advisor: 1. Instant yes & no answers. 2. Accurate dates & timelines. 3. Crystal ball reader 4. Reconcile broken hearts 5. Natural-born psychic clairvoyant (cancer moon) 🐉 🐲 🔥 Benefits of having a reading with The hidden Dragon: 1. Clarity & peace of mind 2. Powerful healing on all levels 3. Clear and precise predictions 4. Can connect to your loved ones 5. Empowered mindset & positive outlook on life. 🔮 My skills include; Card & Crystal Ball Readings, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Reiki, Psychometry, The Locating & Retrieval of Lost Property, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming, Channeling & Pendulum Work, Astrological Birth & Natal Charts. I am guided by my Higher Self, my grandmother & the Green Tara Yidam. ⚛️🕉✡️☸️☯️✝️☪️🕎


Psychic readings, Oracle guidance, Love readings

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