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Welcome to my profile! (Kăr-ìn) Karin is a natural born Intuitive psychic. She channels spirit guides angels and arch angels. Karin will use the Akashic Records if she is guided to do so. Karin has always been sensitive to energies of others and discovered that she is a physical empath, feeling physical sensations of her clients and their emotions. Karin uses her Usui Reiki and Violet Flame Master skills to help channel positive energies to her clients. ❤️I'm new to how this works so if I missed a message from you , know that I appreciate you and have nothing but gratitude for choosing me.❤️ ❤️ I don't believe in coincidences. Your guides and the universe send you the right people for you. If you chose me, it's no accident!💜 Karin Lisa uses all her modalities together to bring clarity and insight to her clients. Her readings consist of connecting with your spirit guides and sometimes the Akashic Records, to help answer any questions you have about certain aspects of your life. ⭐️My readings are done with love, light and compassion.⭐️ ⭐️Please understand that the information and advice given pertaining to your questions, comes from spirit⭐️ ⭐️Please note and read before submitting⭐️ ⭐️Please provide your name and age. ⭐️Please provide the names, ages and relationship of parties in relation to your question ⭐️Grief support and insight 🚩Only ask 2 questions ( It can be 2 different topics or the same topic) With time constraints you may submit another reading if you have more questions 🚩No pregnancy questions 🚩Health: Do not ask if you have a specific diagnosis. I DO NOT DIAGNOSE. 🚫PLEASE DO NOT STOP DOING ANYTHING A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL HAS ADVISED YOU TO DO🚫 🚩Career: Please provide choices 🚩Love: I won't tell you if they are "the one." This is your choice. Free will 🚩I will not tell you who your soulmate is, name or description 🚩No multiple love interest questions please. 🚩Do not omit key information like affairs or married. 🚩🚩I do NOT support abusive or unhealthy relationships of any kind. 🚩I will not interfere with the energies or read any third parties without permission from their guides and mine. 🚩I will not read for others in your session 🚩Like spirit guides, I will not tell you what to do. 🚩I will not tell you what you want to hear. 🚩Sometimes spirit's message is unrelated to your question. 🚩Future based questions are subjective because you have free will and the energies around it can change and I am reading the energy at that particular time. 🚩Spirit may show 2 scenarios to a question. 🚩🚩If you are hear to test the psychic I am not the reader for you. I only work with the energy that I am shown or given. 🚫Please do not compare me to other readers or readings. Im here to provide you with the guidance I'm shown by your guides. Trust in the process and the information given to make an informative choice.💜 ⭐️Your spirit guides have your highest and greatest good always! ⭐️Keep in mind Spirit communicates not like we do. They communicate with visuals, smells, phrases, feelings and emotions etc. 🤗My goal is to provide you with the best possible reading that I can to help guide you with the help of my guides and yours, to bring you some clarity to the questions you have. ❤️💜🤍💛 Karin Lisa


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