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I am a spiritual intuitive psychic medium who connects with your love ones that have crossed over and its done in Love,Light and compassion. I do animal mediumship readings of your pets crossed over as well. ♻️FOR MEDIUMSHIP READINGS PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO. ❤️❤️LOVE & RELATIONSHIP READINGS 🌟💥 ASTROLOGY & NUMEROLOGY READINGS ❤️ 🥰 ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY READINGS ✅ PLEASE NOTE THAT MEDIUMSHIP TAKES ALOT OF TIME AND ENERGY SO PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC WITH YOUR QUESTIONS. No general questions like whats my name because its really not important to them on the otherside. Only 2 questions max for mediumship due to time limits. ♻️ MEDIUMSHIP- PLEASE NOTE IF YOU WOULD LIKE A STRONGER CONNECTION CONSIDER ATTACHING A PHOTO OF YOUR LOVE ONE THAT HAS PASSED. THEIR NAME AND DATE OF PASSING MAKES FOR A STRONGER CONNECTION. THANK YOU 🌸🙏 ❣️ I believe spirit chooses us we do not choose them. So if you are sitting in front of me it is no coincidence. 🛑 Please note and read before submitting. ❣️ please only ask 2 questions ( it can be 2 different topics or the same topic) Due to time constraints you may submit another reading if you have more questions. 🚩 no pregnancy questions 🚩 No legal questions 🚩Do not ask if you have a specific medical diagnosis (I DO NOT DIAGNOSE) 🚫 PLEASE DO NOT STOP DOING ANYTHING A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL HAS ADVISED YOU TO DO! ❣️ Career please provide choices ❣️ Love I will not tell you if they are the “one” this is your choice free will 🚩 I will not tell you who your soul mate is name or description 🚩 no multiple love interest questions Please do not ask me about a love interest that you have not spoken to in a year. 🚩 Do not omit key information like affairs or married 🚩 I do not support abusive or any unhealthy relationships of any kind! 🚩 I will not interfere with the energies Or read any third parties without permission from their guides and mine. 🚩 I will not read for others in your session. 🚩 Like spirit guides, I will not tell you what to do 🚩 I will not tell you what you want to hear 🚩 Sometimes spirit’s is unrelated to your question 🚩 Future based questions are subjective because you have free will and the energies around it can change. 🚩 Spirit may show two scenarios to a question 🚩 🚩🚩 If you are here to test the psychic I am not the reader for you. I only work with the energy that I am shown or given 🚫 Please do not compare me to other readers or readings I’m here to provide you with the guidance Im shown by spirit ❣️Trust in the process and the information given to make an informative choice. 🌸 ❣️ Your spirit guides have your highest and greatest good always. ❣️ Keep in mind spirit communicates not like we do. They communicate with smells, visuals, phrases, feelings and emotions. 🥰 My goal is to provide you with the best possible reading that I can, to help guide you with the help of my guides and yours to bring you some clarity to the questions you may have. 🌸❤️🌸 Diana Divine 🙏🌸


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